Tuesday, July 2, 2013

The Simple Things

Hello again, dear Readers,

Just a lil pop in to share today's deeelish luncheon, tres simple and just as quick, (once your chickpeas are soaked, cooked and cooled the day before ; ).

I've been told by my Nephrologist recently that I can, "ease up on the diet restriction a little".  He said, "go out for dinner like--once a month.  Have a beer, like---once a week."  So looking forward to dinner out again!  Haven't done that since last year.  And to have another of my Belgian fav's again--a glorious brown Kasteel Beer?!?!  *gulllllp*  That would be heaven...

So for me, this "easing up", translates into my eating more and more potassium rich foods which are both healthy and not toooooo crazy in the cholesterol dept.  My levels are still, strangely, high and we haven't figured out why yet.  Could be a long term Prednisone side effect, could be the kidney disease itself and part of a "new normal" or, it could be genetic.  Never had high levels before, that much I know.

(And yes, yet another diet restriction, aaaayyyyyaiyaiiii...)

On that note, when I see my Professor Rhemy next, I shall request a "VAP Cholesterol", test, which is more in depth than the usual, showing what kinds of LDL's are floating around in the ole blood stream.  There are two types, apparently, A and B.  A, being the big fluffy good kind and B, being the hard, dense, dangerous kind.  All according to one's genes I've read, but managable via lifestyle and diet changes.  Anything to avoid the Statin-boogie, thankyouverymuch.

Interesting and telling statistic: 50% of all heart attack victims have/had normal cholesterol levels.

Now, back to my lunch...

There it is in the beautiful sunlight, before I snarfed it down in the sun room.

Here's what went into it:

-2 cloves of garlic, (chopped and let to sit for 20 mins. to get max benefit of the Allicin)
-some fresh, diced mint sprigs from the garden
-just over a half cup o' chickpeas, (not from a can)
-fresh lemon juice
-ground pepper
-extra-virgin olive oil

Et voila!  Simple, yummy and healthy.  

May the day find you all feelin' fine and as usual, +++vibes et bon ap,

: J


Jude said...

My cholesterol skyrocketed years ago from perimenopause and heredity. I was put on statin (Lipitor) for about 10 years and took myself off it when I started eating oatmeal every day. It worked!! Good thing I love oatmeal. :-)

Now I have oatmeal about 4 times a week and I've been maintaining good levels. Love it!

Juanita Grande said...

Good on ya, Jude-belle!

I LOVES my rolled oats and eat 'em more than once a day usually.

Glad you got off the Statins too.

And thanks for the mental note as I didn't factor in the possible menopause connection, or peri.

Time will tell...,


: J

Fullmoondolphin said...

That sounds and looks very tasty. I'm not much for beans - I find them too dry and dense - but I do like chick peas. I'll have to try this one day.