Monday, April 20, 2015

Teriyaki Tofu & Bulgur

G'Day, Readers,

Sharing today, a nice and easy lunch/supper idea, good for both vegans and non.

I know that most people do not get excited about tofu, but its lean protein power cannot be ignored, nor it's practicality and as with so many things, "it's all about the sauce".

Here's a sunny shot of it before it went down well with a tiiiiiny glass of Belgian beer blanche for moi:

Teriyaki Tofu & Bulgur

200 grams of soft organic tofu, cubed
1 med. onion, chopped
3 cloves of garlic, crushed and set for a spell
1 large red pepper
1 good nub of fresh ginger, chopped finely
1 cup of bulgur wheat
2-3 tbsp's of EVOO
1-2 tbsp's dark sesame oil
a splash of organic ACV, (apple cider vinagar)
~3 tbsp's organic teriyaki marinade, (marinades have way less sodium than sauces.)

All ingredients organic when possible.

Boil the bulgur and while that's cooking, sautee the onion, pepper, ginger and garlic, then add the rest of the ingredients and push around a med-fire pan until all is nice and hot, adding the dark sesame oil just before plating.

Topped with some chives.

Serves two.

That's it, et bon ap.

RENAL DIETERS: This dish is moderate in potassium, low in phosphorus, sodium and fats. is a good resource for checking nutrient levels in depth.


: J

Friday, April 3, 2015

Multiple Woots

Hello again,  :)

I'm glad I always carry tissues.

I couldn't help but get to leaking upon reading this last batch of regularly scheduled blood test results this morning, just outside the lab, avec-Lab.

These ones were for the usual kidney, CBC, 'lytes, etc. and all ((except for the beans)), are NORMAL.  Some barely so, but still, normal.  WOOOT! #1

Even though the kidney tests are all of course, far from normal, I gotta share that the GFR, (beans' filtration rate), is now up to a magnificent 42!  I do believe that is the highest it has ever been.   BEAN!  ;)  WOOOOOT! #2

And here's what poked me in the tear-ducts:

The ANCA (the type of antibodies related to the disease), titer, (meaning a dilution), is but ONE AWAY FROM BEING NEGATIVE!!!  WOOOOOOT! #3

When titers come out positive, (even on the cusp like mine is), they test further, to see what types of proteins the sample's comprised of.  In my case (P-ANCA), they test for MP0, (myeloperoxidase) and PR3 (proteinase 3) levels.

'Nuff medi-jargon, already.

What I really want to share with vous, is that my levels are negative and so damned low, they're practically ZERO!  

'K, one of 'em, but still--I believe that's theeeee lowest they have EVER been and there's yet another WOOOOOT!

Above is a snap of them, in all their marvelous mini-glory. (Norms on the right.)

Another recent sweet step: yesterday, for the first time in over two years, I actually walked our dog a good 3+km's, after FIVE PM!  And with NO painkillers involved.

I am most greedily savoring some deeeelicious progress pie ova he'eee.

Sure, I still lose mass-chi in the afternoons and the daily thoracic pain is ongoing and I creak around like a lil granny in the evenings--and sure, I'm often zonked out by 8pm but dammit, Jims, things are really, notably changing.

Just in time with the Spring.

It's a slow and narrow, pot-holed road, this #%*^+$~ MPA, but after a while, it becomes paved in more and more places and I'm looking forward to burning some serious rubber, (in the morning, likely ; ), on ever lengthening strips of blacktop.

Like a lil red Barchetta.

Though, I'd prefer a horse, actually.


: J