Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Just Bees 'n Thangs and Flowazzz

Hello again, Readers,

So I realized this morning while slowly waking up, that since the hospital in January, I've gone from taking 9 meds a day plus regular chemo, to now taking only 6, (and one of those is birth control, which if not sick I might be on anyway, and the other is Calcium/D3 so it doesn't "count" as it's a vitamin. ; ).  I'm also taking the new maintenance drug, Rituximab and from now on, it's only one infusion every 5 1/2 months.  Yummmm.

Two of the above turfed meds were for blood pressure and I'm so glad to have gotten those outta the loop.  I quite hated being on THREE different kinds of BP meds after a life of never having high blood pressure--aside from just before the crash.

These decreasing meds, coupled with my now lower than ever daily dose of Prednisone, (now at only 9mgs, down from 60 in January), all adds up to a smile 'n here I am bloggin' about it.

Liking too that even though I was prescribed some interesting pain killers called Acupan, (can't take codeine nor NSAIDS), I haven't taken any in months, preferring now to manage the joint pain with heating pads or massage and/or simply lying down, (as it's often the back), all sans more drugs.

And no doubt, eating real clean/vegetarian/low sodium/0-sugars/low-protein/Renal), plus walking nice and briskly 4-5k's/day with ole Tony here has done nothing but good for the ole ticker and to help these bombarded cells of mine recover.  (I just had two IV cycles of Rituximab within the last two weeks.) 

That and just takin' it easy when it's simply the most prudent thing to do.  That's a hard one to get the noodle around, this constant re-realizing that the things I was once did without a second thought, I now must break up into chunks and spread out over days. 

On that takin' 'er easy note: here's a pic I snapped today while sitting outside in the gorgeous sunshine watching Tony eat certain blades of grass.  I rather like how my latest shade of polish matches the lavender.
And on the subject of nail polish, Iiiiii purchased it yesterday, in a STORE!  That was the first time since last year that I've been to, "the mall", here and so I had to write about it.  ; )  I rather dug being just another normal person takin' care o' bidni...   

Yup, things, bit by bit are a-changing and I'm so glad for it all.   Nice how it's all starting to feel a lil better right around birthday time too.  Helluva gift, I say 'n thanks!

On that note, on with the rest of the day here.

Be well, All +++vibes,

: J


Jude said...

Pretty toes, pretty polish colour, and I love lavender!

Most of all I'm just smiling reading all about the good news for you health-wise. You're rockin' it Miss J., and for that I am so glad!

Hugs and peace!

Juanita Grande said...

Thanks, dear Jude! :)

Givin' 'er what I got.

And now, it's nap time.

(((hugs back))),

; J

P said...

You come here often?

Love your nails! You must be a Leo...

What are you doing later? We could ah, I dunno, grab a scientific salad or something?


Rocky said...

Even as you gaze down at your toes, things are looking up!

You're headed in the right direction, and that's what counts.


Jackiemsullivan said...

Lovely colour Juanita and you have a new fan, my sister. We are chilling in Malta listening to your soothing voice and music. Thank you! Keep well dear friend so happy things are going forward and well. Xxx

Juanita Grande said...

Thanks, much, Friends!

And Jackie, cheers for letting me know you two lovlies have been diggin' la musica. : ) Always good to know it's doing its job out there in the world.


: J