Tuesday, February 17, 2015


G'Day, Readers,

Yesterday I was brought to sweet, sad, wonderful tears by an older gentleman whom I do not know, but had talked with once, for only a of couple minutes, about 8 years ago.  It was while out walking my dog Tony through a neighborhood we hadn't gone through before and on that walk, we passed by a huge and lovely Newfoundland dog named RAHHHRRR, as I learned from his owner who was outside at the time. 


Here, for those not familiar with the breed, is a pretty good pic of how I remember Rahhhrrr:

His impressive nose was as big as a golf ball and he had such a darling spirit that just beamed out of every tuft of fur on his massive body.

From that day on, I would make sure to walk down that street now and then in hopes of catching even a glimpse of that ole Big Foot, but it never worked out, partially due to my forgetting which house it was--only remembering that fantastic, massive hunk-a-chunk of big-dog-love.

I realize now, I never even petted the Raaahhhrrr-issimo.  It's so great how some dogs, like people, can make SUCH deep and lasting first impressions.

Recently, while walking Tony down that very same street, I was hit with the memory of RAHHHRR quite authoritatively and I stopped in my tracks in front of what turned out to be, the right house.

And at that moment,  I saw the owner rounding the corner from the back yard and I, "excuse'd me", as he neared the gate.  I asked if he was indeed, the owner of big ole Rahhhrrr, guessing that by now, he had likely given up the pooch-ghost.

He had, only last year in fact and that lovely man most serenely teared up as he told me of Rahhhrrr's passing.  I was happy to learn that Rahhhrrr had lived a proper-long life, (long for giant breeds), and that the man now had two more dogs, (albeit more the size of Rahhhrrr's breakfast than Rahhhrrr ;).  He got them from a sick relative who could no longer take care of them properly and I was glad to know that he had more dogoodness in his life.

To watch those fish bowl tears roll so freely down the man's rosy cheeks as he recounted Rahhhrrr's last days was just touching beyond words, but I wanted to give words a shot anyway here 'cause pure love like that always deserves a spotlight.

Now that ole Tony is officially starting to show his Labby age, (limping often, sleeping even more and lagging behind on most walks),  I guess I'm even more sensitive to the too-short life-cycle of the blessed creatures that make such a difference in so many people's lives.

Here's to YOU, RAHHHRRR!  

Glad you had such a quality steward.

 +++ (and still teary), vibes,

; J

Monday, February 16, 2015

Outta the Hole!

Hello again, Readers 'n Friends,

Today's post is one of major celebration and might best be done numbered due to so MANY positive happenings lately, so here goes:

1. Since this last decrease in prednisone, (Jan 31), I am now OFFICIALLY outta the scary-hell zone of what for me, is that inundating, (both physically and emotionally), adjustment process.

Yes, Friday actually, was the first day I did NOT have that late-morning vacuuming of all physical strength, which for me is always a part of tapering until my adrenals begin to deal with the new lower dose.  (This happens whether or not I have had a mid-morning snack, for those thinking it's low-blood sugar related plus, it never happens unless I'm weaning.)

Those authoritative drainings-of-the-chi-pool always literally take me down--most unfortunate if they happen when in public, transforming me into what looks to any passers-by, like I'm fighting fainting.  My movements become slow-moton, hands on the knees or "lying on walls", grasping whatever is near or worse, down and balled up with my head in my knees until it passes enough for me to be able to ever so slowly ease gently on down the road again.

More than once, total strangers have come to my side to try to help in these shituations and bless them all.

For those curious, I can liken it somewhat to how one feels when they come out of anesthesia, (but the brain remains fully functional), or somewhat like the feeling of having just fainted and trying to walk too soon after--through molasses.

It is really something.

I won't be doing THAT again for at least SIX MONTHS and I cannot express how overjoyed I am about that!  My rheumy-prof and my Neph both agreed that my staying at the low dose of 2.5 mgs of prednisone a day for a while is OK.

I feel like I'm about to go on vacation!   :)

2. On Saturday, (Valentine's Day), P and I went out for lunch to celebrate it!  Sure, a tramadol was involved but I was UP to going out again, for the first time since weaning and we had a wonderful time together.

3. I haven't napped in three days now.  THREE!

4. Sunday also brought with it ANOTHER. (two in-a-row!), outing, in the form of visiting some old friends I hadn't seen since before the hospital--almost three years ago.  And it was lovely. 

5. Had my blood work done on Friday and my GFR is UP!  Now back at 41 glorious points.

6. I no longer need to do urine testing every single month, now only every three months and yay.

7. All of this this adds up to my quite likely within a month, being back in the out-of-house voice-over recording saddle again!  Only in the mornings, but BACK dammit, BACK.

This fab weekend of firsts was all wrapped up in breaks of beautiful sunshine, (when the forecast had called for rain the whole time), framing perfectly, all of this new and inspiring progress.

Still can't believe it has been two very bumpy, unbelievable years, a mind-melting time frame, still.

I close this with heart-felt high-fives to all of you out there whom I've gotten to know and so appreciate since creating this blog.

May we all feel better and better, (and keep up the healthy-eating/living that leads to it ;).


: J