Monday, July 22, 2013

A Brand New Year!

Good Day, Readers, 

Just a wee post to share how my birthday started this morning at 7am.

I had just taken my morning meds when I heard that oh so familiar sound that all pooch owners know, just outside the bedroom door.  That wretching horrid, deep-gorge groinking that our beloved canine friends make when, "something" is stuck in their throats.  Usually, it's a whole lotta noise for nothing and all is resolved quickly.

Not this morning.

Not only did I get out of bed to find not one sizable and runny blob of brown questionability, but TWO of 'em and it didn't take more than a second for me to realize that the brown was yes, folks at home, you guessed it, POOOOOOOOOO!

Thank the stars it was not on the carpet in the bedroom or I surely woulda lost my cookies/meds trying to clean that up/off/out, oiiiiiii!  I came VERY close, but I got a grip and did not.

Here's a pic taken not minutes ago of the ole sock, looking rather pancakey on the tiles, keepin' cooooool and takin' 'er nice 'n easy.  Even post-poo-puke, he's still a dangerously cute bastard.

So I quickly went downstairs to grab the old dust pan, (long ago converted to T's puke-picker-upper), and got it all cleaned up in a New York minute.

Thaaaaaaaaaaaanks Tony!  Yer da best!  ; D

The ole boy bounced right back after barfing and so we did our usual morning 5k's together without a hick-up, heheh.  I only HOPE that this new snack idea does NOT become a habit for the ole Hoover here.

Aaaaanywho, aside from that shit, (heheh), the day so far has been LOVELY with tons of sweet emails and FB messages and forum posts comin' in from the world over.  The sun is blasting, I got some nummy white beans on the boil with bay leaf, (from our own tree), garlic, cumin, pepper, paprika and a wee bit of sea salt and the celebrating will commence with luncheon!  Haven't had white beans in, erm, I really don't know how long, for sure since last year and I'm SO LOOKIN' forward.  It's another potassium-envelope-push as white beans are VERY high in K.

Not sure what I'll be up for tonight, but I sure do hope to be awake to witness the full moon on my very own b-day, a helluva prezzy for Mama Nature!

To all, be well, be happy and bisous, (said, "bee zoos" and it means smooches in French),

: J


P said...

Rude awakening indeed! Thanks A LOT for having disposed of the evidence so swiftly dear... as I was too sleepy to realize what the hell was going on! : /

Happy birthday ma belle, I'll try to make the day end better than it started.

Juanita Grande said...

Merci, mon Amour...

The day is already a gem.

A ce soir!

: J

Rocky said...

On Tony's behalf, "it's the thought that counts." And let's face it, the day can only get better from here. What I'm trying to say is that Tony is a pretty "deep" pooch. I'd hang onto him for sure.

Have yourself an amazing day; the first of another amazing trip around the sun!


Juanita Grande said...

Heheheh, awesome, Roch!

He is indeed one not without major comedic timing, bless his fuzzy soul.

And yes, another trip around the sun!

Yes, please!


: J

Jude said...

Ahhh it's a good thing Tony is so cute! I know the rest of your day will be less gross and more joyous. :-)

Happy Birthday Miss J.! Hugs from Canada! xoxox

Juanita Grande said...

Thanks, Jude-belle!

Already real good with a lovely siesta on the couch.

Means I can stay up late enough to behold the full moon in a clear sky.

Havin' a lovely berry muslix rolled oat snack.

La vie est belle...

: J