Thursday, June 27, 2013

Remission Possible

Hello again, Dear Readers,

Just had to share a few good things with you all, starting with how the new treatment IV session of Rituximab went at the hospital yesterday.

In a word:  GOOD.

There were a few reactions about 45 minutes into it including a slight fever, an ear, nose & throat blowout that went pretty strong for about an hour and then settled, but THAT WAS IT.

It was an 8 hour day at the H and I shall be back there for another course in two weeks.  I'm told by fellow Vascies, (people with Vasculitis ; ), who have had that treatment, that the 2nd round might be less reactive and that's just fine by me.

Then not another one for 5 1/2 months!  *yummmmm*

(I also now only have to get blood work done monthly.  : )

What was amazing after getting home and enjoying my usual post-hospital bubbly bath is, I DIDN'T have a nap!  And no naps at the H either.  Yes, Friends, I was blown away to see myself awake I think for the first time in many moons for a whole, (and lonnnnng) day that started at 6:45am, SANS-nap and relatively with it to boot. 

Granted, the hours between 9:30-ish and midnight were spent nesting with P, but still, I was really amazed that I stayed awake for so long after taking in so many heavy drugs that day.

I think part of that was pure relief and thankfulness that it all went well, as I know I for one was undeniably wary knowing of the drug's many serious possible side effects and reactions.

That and the 100 mgs of methylprednisone pumped into me before the Rituximab.

Now, to note how I am TODAY after this new drug.

In two words: NOT BAD! 

And by not bad, I mean:

-I slept last night from midnight to 5:45am, (garbage trucks came early), but the sleep itself was great.

-I went for my usual 4k pooch hike by the river this morning without a hick-up.

-And even though it's only noon, I'm feeling OH SO MUCH better than I did after chemo sessions, which would usually put me outta commission for 1-2 days.

On the subject of chemo and a little mystery that's been plaguing me since I noticed it some months ago--today, my armpits began to smell, (just a tad, but yay!), like armpits again!  I had lost all body odor in those pits o' mine for the longest time and until now, I didn't know if it was a side effect of the Prednisone, the daily antibiotics or the chemo and now I know.  It's that darned chemo.  It's been a month now since my final session and even my hair seems to be falling out less.  *like*

So there it is, a wee update with lots of good mojo for me to celebrate.

I'm so looking forward to feeling better and better and getting on the mic again for a number of new projects that have come my way with the best of timing.  I know, lil by lil, Juan day at a time 'n all, but YAY.

'Til next blog-time, be well All.


"Remission Possible-J"


Jude said...

Dearest Miss J. I am SO very pleased to hear this good news! It must have felt so alien to be up and awake for so many hours straight, LOL

You just keep kickin' this thang in the butt girl!

Love and hugs!

Juanita Grande said...

Taaaaaverrry much, Jude!

Thinkin' I see a nappy on today's horizzzzzzzzzon...

(((hugs back)))

: J

Nina said...

These news are just GREAT! ^_^ We want you again at the microphone as soon as you feel ready to do it. A lot of kisses and a huge hug Juanita. You, strong woman, beautiful person :* :* :*

P said...


I have to confess those warnings got me slightly worried too. "possibly fatal" this & that... whatever. Gotta do whatcha gotta do and you DID IT, &
now you're better than you were before.

All hail you ma belle (and SCIENCE!! :))

Anonymous said...

I pity the disease that messes wit you!!!! :)
And don't forget to sing some!


Michael Grande said...

Great news Nita... I'll have to call so I can hear it in your voice!

Anonymous said...

You are one courageous lady!

So pleased to hear that things are working out for ya after enduring such a painful odyssey :)

Anonymous said...

What anonymous said!


Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you are feeling good. I am actually listening to your music and it sounds good ;-)
Have a good day,
Dr K

Juanita Grande said...

Thanks, Everyone, : )

The good vibes are MUCH appreciated.

Bon weekend to all you sweet peas,

: J