Friday, July 19, 2013

Dip Sticks, Tomatoes & Professors

G'Day, Dear Readers,

So I had another visit with the ever-charming Professor the other day and it went very well.  Firstly, because he reassured me that two ongoing problems I've been dealing with for some months now are NOT neuropathy-based.  That was a major load off and here's to them both resolving themselves soon, (right wrist and left achilles tendon).  He said to keep bracing the wrist @ night and stretching the calves regularly--and, of course--more time.

This ANCA-type of Vasculitis I have can lead to certain, (sometimes even permanent), forms of neuropathy; two of which are known as, "drop wrist" and, "drop foot". I am so glad that it's just good ole repetitive use injury stuff.

And in the more good news/wheewww! dept, today I got some blood work back that is now showing normal Leukocyte, (white blood cell), levels.  This is very good news as the last time they were taken, just before the 2nd Rituximab cycle,  they were rather elevated and at a time when those levels should be anything but out of range--usually a sign of infection.

So YES: as of yesterday, those numbers are back to where they are supposed to be and I'm a-likin'!
I was kinda concerned as I still have the weirdest tickle in my throat no doubt from these BP meds, (it's been there since I started taking them months ago, "dry cough" being a reported side effect.), but with those high leukocytes, I was getting concerned about a potential lung thing going on.

Maaaaais Non!

And today, my Nephrologist called and complemented me on my kidney filtration rate. Well thank you, sir!   Sounds like a weird come-on line from a dyslexic universe, "Are you filtering with me?", heheh... 

He also e'd me my blood work-up from the hospital last time and I'm HAPPY to report that both my Sodium AND Potassium levels--after eating plenty more K-rich healthy foods lately--are both TRES NORMAL!

This means I can eat MORE pulses.  Next on the list, white beans.  Miss 'em like crazy.  Perhaps even a few slices of--GULP!-- cherry tomatoes with 'em!??!   One of the big no-no foods on the Renal Diet and so GOOD with beans, and a lil Parmesan and...   I'm getting hungry again.

Funny, 'cause I bought some new and cute little white beans this morning, throwing K-caution to the wind. 

Oh, and my LDL cholesterol levels are better than ever, now totally normal.  :)  The triglycerides are still riding high, but alas, I'm learning that this is not a shocker for those with CKD.  Being on the pill can also raise those levels, I've read.

Aaanywho, it's been a good day with lots looking under the ole hood and liking what's there and I wanted to share it with you all.

More good vibes comin' atachya's,

: J


Jackie Sullivan said...

Loving this Juanita, things are getting better and better! Enjoy those tomatoes! xxx

Jude said...

Yay for you!! My life without tomatoes.... would not be good. Love them, especially the "on the vine" ones, so much sweet flavour compared to most you buy in stores.

You are just a walking case of good news and I'm smiling for it. :-)

Keep on rockin' it Miss J.! xoxox

Juanita Grande said...

Thanks, dear Ladies! :)

And tomorrow, we're having some old friends over whom we haven't seen in more than a year. Gonna be niiiiiice.

(((hugs 'n heatwaves))),

: J