Saturday, July 27, 2013

Cabbage & Noodles

Hello again, Readers 'n Munchers,

This post is to share last night's most satisfying Renal-friendly supper with P and a dish I'll surely be making again soon.

Here's a snap of P's plate, (with a much higher pasta-to-cabbage ration than mine had):

It's a pretty simple dish, though I added a twist that made it even more savory, cooking the cabbage in some spiced up bean broth I kept from the other day.

Here's what went into it:

Linguini, (or any pasta or noodle you fancy)
White cabbage, chopped
Raw garlic, (added in the dish at the end)
3 wee diced sun-dried tomatoes

Toss it all together on the burner with a splash of EV olive oil for a bit before serving and voilah.   Garnish with chives or whatever fresh herb you may have handy.

P of course added some Parmesan to his plate, ("as is the tradition" ; ), and no doubt it was tasty but I didn't and loved it anyway.  There's nothing quite like the regal, almost creaminess of real good olive oil.

This idea was inspired by a dear friend o' mine, Carrie who shared it on FB the other day, but as she's not a vegetarian, hers was with diced bacon accents and I do believe egg noodles instead of Linguini so, thanks again for the inspiration, ma belle!

Bon app & bon vibes,

: J


Jackiemsullivan said...

Another delicious delight, thank you Juanita x

Juanita Grande said...

More than my pleasure, Jackie-belle!

: J

Jude said...

Oh YUM I could enjoy this one!