Thursday, May 30, 2013

The Voice

 And no, not the show, heheh...

Hi again, Everyone!

Just a lil update now that I've bounced back some from the LAST chemo session.  I just love saying that.  THE LAST CHEMO SESSION.  YAY.  Bounced back enough to return to my daily pooch-power-walks today and it was great to be back out there in the fresh, sweet-smelling air.

RE: the title of this entry, I had a chance to talk with my Nephrologist when in the hospital last time and he prescribed a new blood pressure medication, as the one I was on was sporadically and most frustratingly stealing my voice--a dry cough being one of the side effects of said ACE inhibitor.

I'm now on an angiotensin II receptor blocker which also helps with kidney filtration and so far, (after a few decent BP readings taken since this morning), seems it's working fine.  Not sure how long it will take to reflect on the voice issue but I'm sure soon enough.  Hoping it will make future voice-over and singing work MUCH more do-able, literally.

Unfortunately, if I have my facts straight, this blocker, like the ACE inhibitor,  also causes one to retain potassium, so I'll have to continue being extra limiting with the K-rich foods.  (WHY MUST THEY ALL BE SOOOO GOOD!!? ; )

Since it's been so rainy and cloudy here lately, here's a pic of our first rosebud, on a day when the sun wasn't being so shy:

In other nice news, as some of you already know, MY DEAR MOM & DAD WILL SOON BE COMING FOR A VISIT FROM CANADA!  This is music to my ears and will no doubt be some wonderful and healing medicine. Won't be long now and I'm SO looking forward to it.

On the blood-front, tomorrow I will be going in for another test that will show, (after a week), my ANCA levels again, (these are the markers of MPA's activity in the body and the last time I had it done it was juuuuust on the cusp of being negative at 1:20).  I'm TRES curious to see how it is this time as I've had I believe, two chemo sessions since then.

On a side note, I learned at the hospital last time that when I arrived in crisis-mode there back in January, the reading was a staggering 1:800.  VERY different and no wonder I felt like death in a Glad bag back then.

I still have to have that testing fully explained to me, niiiiice and slowwwww-like and hopefully in the lamest of layman's terms.  I know it's a dilution process but that's about it.   If anyone reading is an expert, please do comment.

Soon, in less than three weeks, I will commence with the maintenance phase of this long treatment, consisting of Rituximab infusions.  This stuff has, as I've mentioned before been referred to by fellow MPA patients as, "liquid gold", and I soooo hope that it puts this disease firmly into lasting remission.

It's done in the same manner as the chemo, as a day patient via IV, along with some corticosteroids and a bunch of other prophylactic measures to minimize allergic reactions and I'm honestly still working on not being overly concerned about the side effects of the stuff.  It's the darned Cancerian in me I guess and I'm sure it'll all be fine and will work like the magic it's touted to be.

On that note, I'll be taking part in a Rituximab drug trial at my hospital and here's to that shedding even more light on this serious autoimmune disease.

Et voila, today's bit of bloggy blabbings.

Hoping it finds you all feeling fine and enjoying the day.


: J


P said...

... and what a relief it's been when I heard you wouldn't have to be turned into a chemistry lab yet again, with all that weird stuff getting pumped into you (thinking especially of the green glow-in-the-dark variety). At least the rituximab seems more targeted, more refined (?) so to speak.

Take it eeeeasy & cat-like on this rainy afternoon ma belle.


Jude said...

I've been waiting (as have you I'm certain!!) to hear the words "LAST chemo treatment" coming out of your bouche! Yay!!!

As I do the Happy Dance for you, I send more good ooga booga your way Miss J. Love and hugs!

Juanita Grande said...

Thanks, P, thanks Jude, : )

Took it purrrdy easy this aft, yes...

Energy renewed enough to join you in that happy dance, Jude, (in my dreams for now ; )...


Ian Christie said...

"The Voice" indeed - my duo partner (Paula) was the first to turn ALL 4 judges' chairs in the Oz version of the TV show, so whenever I see or hear those 2 li'l words, it fills my mind with full-on positive move-aheadery!
Hope the analogy keeps working its magic for you (and your Voice) too Juanita... x