Tuesday, May 7, 2013

A Slightly Longer Tunnel

Hello again, dear Readers,

It's been a while, eh?  I know, it's this damned anemia/prednisone weaning that are just knockin' me OUT every day making posting a little more than I can handle most of the time.  Happy to report that I've been prescribed Iron+C which I hope will help with this ever-falling hemoglobin count.

Subject change:

On Monday during chemo I was sharing with my roomy how happy I was to have had not ONE migraine since before being hospitalized, then last night at 5am I was rudely awakened by just that, a driving spike in the side of my head followed by over the next 10 hours or so, 6 violent rounds of head-pop-off vomiting that left me a sweaty, panting quivering mass each time.  Still nauseous this afternoon and dammit, got sick again today, can't even keep water down.  : /

I thought those days were over but nay.  The meds I usually to take for migraines, (Maltax, a serotonin agonist.), didn't work so good this time, even after two doses and I hope that this is not going to be any kind of regular thing again as it just wracks me to the bone and now that I have to take so many meds at so many different times, the vomiting makes that very problematic.

Aaaaanywho, today is a new day and with it, (after a huuuuuuge nap), I'm sharing the latest news from chemo land that is:  due to recent disease activity, this was not the final chemo session.  I will need at least one more, to quote the doc.





Michael Grande said...

Hang in there Sis, everyone's pulling for you!

P said...

On my way now to get the meds

Anonymous said...

Don't be throwing up with that mask on!

Talk soon eh.

Victoria Clark said...

cheering for you over here in St. Albert, sending out the vibes of goodness and strength!

Tamara said...

Hey hun! I have been under the weather myself, hence the lack of updating mine, or viewing your blog. I am sorry to hear about this news, but us MPA warriors know we have to do what we have to do. I am going to stop a minute and tell your beans to cooperate. Be nice ole beans! My problem has been my lungs. The MPA is attacking them full force. If you can come up with a good nickname for lungs I would love to hear them...maybe the ole airbags lol. Keep in touch. I am sending so many good vibes your way. You matter a lot to me J! Hugs!

Bria Spiers said...

...a battle lost...but you shall win the war, and that's all that counts in the end!
- Love, prayers & thoughts. :)

Jude said...

Boo hiss to the migraine situation!! Been there with the migraine induced vomiting so hard that next comes passing out... I do hope that this doesn't come back again Miss J. Sending out my BEST thoughts and healing vibes to you.

Okay so hopefully one or two more green baggies will do the trick for you, my fingers are crossed!

Hang in there, and know that so many are rootin' for you biiiiig time!

Peace and hugs

Juanita Grande said...

Thanks so much, Friends, Brother, P...

I'm with the program again and heeding my blog's name.

It's just a liiiiil more time on the horse than I'd hoped but whatever works. :)

(((hugs 'n love and thanks again for the good vibes))),

: J