Saturday, May 11, 2013

This juan goes out to...

Greetings, Readers,  

...the one I love, who has been taking SUCH good care of me in these hazy anemic days of late and I just wanna say THANK YOU, my dear Pascal!

He's been in that lil kitchen either loading or unloading the dishwasher, makin' snacks or full on suppers and what a treat it's been as he does a kidney-friendly special of mixed jullienne'd tri-color bell peppers, baked Tilapia with sesame oil 'n lemon 'n Basmati rice that I've been just diggin' into lately.
Seeing as by the evenings I'm usually a complete write-off, (and let's face it, from 2pm on, I'm either napping or trying hard to stay conscious), these P-dinners are an extra pleasure at the foggy end of the day.

Here he is just the other day, working his hubby-magic as I dozed from the sofa.

Happy to report that I'm now on day 3 of iron/b9 supplements, (which I always take with C to help with absorption), and on Monday when I do my usual bi-monthly blood tests, I shall see just how fast these things work.  Hoping fast enough to see even a little mounting of the hemoglobin count from last time, which was lower than ever.

Wishing all of you a sweet weekend with the ones you love and with a "grande" salut to all the hubbies out there who are taking extra-good care of their other halves who may need it right now.


: J


Nina said...

Have a bright warm sweet week end, Juanita. Pascal is a real knight and you two are a beautiful example of what love really is: take care of each other everyday single day. A warm hug, honey :*

Jude said...

God bless him, he's a keeper Miss J.! I dislike knowing how bad you feel, and I am still sending out my BEST ooga booga to you! ~~~~healing vibes~~~~ xoxoxox

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't dump him just yet LOL

Pascal: You're doing a great job! You must nurse our diva back to health ;-)


Juanita Grande said...

Thanks, dear Friends,

It's just about luncheon time in juan land and after another big walk with T by the river today I'm READY to chow down.

I will also be feeding on your ooga's and booga's 'n hugs 'n honey too.

: J