Sunday, May 19, 2013

The Jimi Hendrix of the Vasculitis World

Hello again, dear Juan Day Readers,

"What a difference a day makes".  K, well, a few days in my case here but as of today, a helluva turnaround in my outlook and I wanted to share some goodness that I just learned of after speaking with my Nephrologist, who just called me and ON A SUNDAY, ain't that grand?!?   What a guy...

He put my worried/over-researching mind at ease with answers to a bunch of Q's I had faxed him last week and it has really made a difference in the ole mojo-tank here.  THANKS, Dr. K.

Turns out, that the Rituximab treatment will consist of likely, (all depending on the results, of course), 3 courses; each one done much like the chemo, as a day patient.  The second will happen two weeks after the first and, (again, depending on results), 4 more infusions every 6 months or so after.

My fax had also requested that he write a letter of referral to a new Rheumy Pascal found last week, by the name of Dr. Loïc Guillevin, who as we read about, is a heavy in the world of Vasculitis.  

When I asked my doc if he knew him/know of him, his voice went up a couple notches and he quickly sung the praises of this apparently, "Top authority on Vasculitis in the WORLD."  

Well, holy COW and the barn too, and am I ever happy with the notion of being treated by someone who most defineitely knows his shite!  What's a huge bonus is that he most likely speaks English, being constantly involved with international conferences, studies and groups on the Vasculitis front.

All this to say that coupled with the bevy of beautiful and heart-warming emails and messages I've been getting from so many dear friends and family lately, I'm starting to feel so much lighter in my spiritual loafers again.

It's been a few dark days here but I'm back in the ring again and swingin'--when I'm not nappin'...  ; )

And on that note, it's time for luncheon and I'm hungry like the wolf as usual.  I'm thinkin': organic scrambled eggs with green onions 'n garlic on a slice of saltless bread--which I've gotten rather used to, I must say.

So, with renewed mojo and a happier heart, I wish you all a great Sunday and thanks again to everyone who reached out and showed me some much needed love at this time.  You guys ROCK.


: J


Anonymous said...

Good news! A new Jimi for a Foxy Lady?

Blog still hate me.

Anonymous said...

Very happy that you're a happier bunny today.

This is excellent news.


Jude said...

Never give up Miss J., there is ALWAYS sunshine after the storm! That's awesome news about the new doc and the treatment.

Sending you lots of hugs!

Peace! \/

Jude xox

Juanita Grande said...

Thanks, All,

It's good to have the mojo workin' again.

: J

Rocky said...

Great news Juanita.


Anonymous said...

Great news -- thanks for sharing!


Anonymous said...

Great to hear your mojo's back!! Fantastic news re Doc etc! Have an equally awesome week!

Nina said...

Fabulous news! ^_^ New rays of sun are enlightening your days, marvellous! Go straight ahead, Juanita :*

Juanita Grande said...

Thanks, Everybody,

It's nice to be feeling better--and physically too: it's 7:25pm and not only am I STILL UP but without a nap today AND after making a proper dinner for the first time in--weeks, I think...



: J