Wednesday, April 24, 2013

"A Lovely Daaaaaaay"

Hiiii, Friends & Readers,  

Just wanted to make a post to share some good stuff--and now I've got Bill Withers gracing the soundtrack, which is an even bigger bonus as I love that song.

I woke up this morning feeling well rested--and well I should be after sawing MAJOR wood for what was surely 12 hours, (not including the usual frequent pee breaks, of course ; ).

Today, so far, (and it's only 11:50am), has been VERY productive, enjoyable, sunny and WARM and I'm milkin' it with Tony.

After a fine berry musilx breaky with my favo decaf espresso from, (and I hate to admit it), Starbucks, I slapped on the knee braces, the sun screen, set my pedometer to go and hit the streets, heading for the river with T where we did a fantastic 4.11kms@ 4.35kmph in 55 minutes, including some stair work.

Came home just drenched, pleasantly drained and cooled off in the back yard with T in the sunshine.  Even gave him a gooood brushing to help that Spring coat blow .

Here's the sweet lil fuzzer getting his roll on:
Had a blessed hot 'n bubbly bath, got some laundry going and soon, I'll be enjoying some roasted green beans with a filet of Tilapia for lunch.

This is all a MAJOR contrast to yesterday which was, overwhelmingly and amazingly challenging.  My chi was near non-existent from about 1pm on, leaving me just a sedated-looking mass of semi-consciousness for the rest of the day, drifting in and out of sleep and only getting up for snacks and pee breaks.  I managed to eat a yummo shrimp supper with P and then hit the sack like a led zeppelin straight to this morning.

I think this has much to do with my now rather low hemoglobin count as well as low iron and today I faxed my doc asking what we can do about it, along with some other Q's on other matters.

And perhaps my improvement today is in relation to last night's shrimps?  Don't know if things work that fast in the ole bod, but it makes sense at least.

Hope he gets back to me soon and in the mean time, MORE SHRIMPS TONIGHT, as they are particularly high in iron, while being not over the top in potassium and that's a perfect combo for me these days.

So voila, just wanted to share some positivity, if only to balance out the extreme zombified state of yesterday that honestly, at a couple points, left me in quiet tears of utter flabberghastation.

But today is a NEW DAY!

Be well, be swell 'n thanks for reading,

: J


Jude said...

Flabberghastation! Lovin' the word, and lovin' how you're feeling so good today Miss J.!

I do hope your doc gets back to you with some tips and help. Good luck, and rock on!

P said...

HAHA I love that pic! True happiness right there.

(you're cheering ME up bella... ain't that gold? ;)

And now I got that song in my head, which is nice too.

Enjoy the sunny afternoon ma grande