Monday, April 15, 2013

Smellin’ Salts, Please...

Good, Good Morning, Readers, 

After a bit of a fainting spell yesterday after supper, it’s clear to me now that a meeting with my Nephrologist is highly in order to amongst many things, discuss reducing my BP many meds.

The ole blood pressure went down to an all-time-low of 105/47.  

The photo on the left here taken just after I came outta the rather twitchy fog I was left in and methinks that that, coupled with how I’m consistently getting normal BPP readings of for eg: 125/75 in the mornings, BEFORE taking any of the three BP meds I’m on is reason enough to start talking about removing some of them from the regime. Or, at least decreasing the doses.

That, coupled with the bummer that one of them, an ACE inhibitor he put me on a couple of months ago, is really messing with my voice, often reducing it to some kinda Joe Pesci-impersonation is also a MAJOR reason for a BP meds tweak.  “I can’t do mahhh wohhhhhk!”

And, MENTAL NOTE: This is also good reason to start doing LESS as yesterday was a pretty full day for me, housework-wise, with usual morning dog-walk, plus a friend over for tea for the first time since opening up our beautiful solarium.  All without a nap and I clearly just did TOO MUCH.

Sometimes, I actually forget that I'm recovering from a serious, life-threatening illness that if left unchecked back in January, most likely would have taken me out via total renal failure or a heart attack or stroke.

I GOTTA remember that no matter how good I get to feeling (at times), no matter how bright the warm sun is shining, I am not yet healed and I must act accordingly.

In other news, this week I’ve been rather distracted, excited, a bit scared and uber-curious about the BIIIIIG blood tests coming up likely this coming Monday, when I’ll be getting blood and urine tests done which will check on the progress of the arresting of the Microscopic Polyangiitis, by testing the ANCA levels in my blood, (those being the white blood cells, the abbreviation standing for “Anti-neutrophil cytoplasmic antibodies”, and the markers of most forms of Systematic Vasulitis.)

I believe they will also be doing more conclusive testing on the kidney function as they’ve requested a urine sample too so hopefully, there will be more info on the kidney-health and improvements to enjoy.
So there it is, my Monday mornin’ blog post…
Hope it finds you all out there starting the week in good spirits, with lots of nice plans too.

****THIS JUST IN!!!**** After my faxing him to let him know about yesterday's hypopressure, my Doc called today and after a short chinwag to discuss the low BP as well as some other issues, he took me off the beta blockers! NOT gonna forget to NOT take that lil one tomorrow as it's already in the bag of rejected meds, to bring back to the pharm for proper disposal.

NICER WAY to end this post now, yes? 

: J


P said...

Hehe, I hadn't noticed on the pic there's a reflection of me taking it.

How your BP this morning btw, not too low I hope...?


Juanita Grande said...

109/73 as of a few minutes ago. : )

And yup, there you are, in the reflection.

Thanks again for getting my feet jacked up in good time.

oxo's back,

: J

Jude said...

Well THAT would have been a tad disconcerting, not to mention alarming! I hope all the tests come back with good news and you can alter meds to keep the 'ol blood pressure at a better rate.

Quit scarin' me like that, woman!!

Bria Spiers said...

....keep your inspirational flag of courgood hmour flying, and best wishes for brilliant test results!

Ian Christie said...

What Bria said! (PS I quite like Joe Pesci actually...) :)

Anonymous said...

That's good news, eh? Just one more chemo, and now you get to kick a BP med to the curb.

Just take it easy and concentrate on getting better. \MM (that's supposed to be a thumb's up)


Juanita Grande said...

Thanks, Everybody, : )

Lil by lil by lil by lil...

And now another dog walk in the loud sunshine, yummmm.

: J