Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The Beans are Jumping!

Hello, All,  

Just a quick pop in after retrieving the bi-monthly blood test results today to share that my kidney filtration rate, (and I first typed "flirtation" by mistake, heheh), is up ANOTHER two points since last time!

It is now at 35 and well into the category of Stage 3 CKD, which is just music to my eyes.

All the electrolytes are normal too, (though the potassium is at the max), and while the hemoglobin is getting pretty low, as is the iron and I may need to be treated for that, in general, it's a pretty GOOD report card with only a few levels that are not right. 

I sure would like to get off this BP med that not only steals my voice but causes me to retain even more potassium than I normally would being a kidney patient, but alas, as that drug also apparently helps improve the kidney's filtration rate, I'll just keep a lid as best I can on the K-rich foods until this 6 month attack on the MPA is a wrap.

In other medi-news, I had a Doppler scan done today too on my left ankle, (which has been slightly swelled for years now and since the chemo, has begun to hurt).  I am happy to report that at least vein-wise, all is totally normal in there.  The scan technician thought it might be more of an articulation issue and  I'm sure more scans will be done on that eventually but for now, so far so GOOD.

So boom, there it is, 35, YAY.

Wishing you all well with good vibes for the week,

: J


Jude said...

Awesome news!! Keep on keepin' on, girl! :-)

Anonymous said...

The trend is continuously upward...which is most excellent.


Nina said...

Marvellous! ^_^ Lot of kisses :* * *

Bria Spiers said...

...Such good news. Battle by battle you're winning this war. Congrats!

Victoria Clark said...

Pretty darn good news! Will do a celebration dance for you!!

P said...

Loving that 35... and you.

: )

Anonymous said...

Marvin won Calgary's Blues Sax Player of the year for 2012, he lives in a trailer now with a large girlfriend, two small cats and a shaved poodle with way too much energy. Peace and love. Rooting for you.


Juanita Grande said...

Thanks so much, Everybody,

And excuse my MIA-ness but methinks due in no small way to this low hemoglobin count, I've been deathly tired lately after the Prednisone leaves the system in the mornings. Sleeping even more than a marmot lately and just face-crushing tired.

+++vibes and inner fighting spirit,

: J