Thursday, April 11, 2013

Red Berried Buckwheat Crepes

Good Day, Readers 'n Healthy Cooks,

Lately, I've been reading about how there *may* be a connection between gluten sensitivity and autoimmune disease.   Since I'd never really thought about actually trying a gluten-free diet, I wondered how much better I might feel after switching for a month?  And of course, how tasty I could make it...

This got my butt into the kitchen after buying a sack of buckwheat flour as it's gluten-free and if used in small amounts, is not terribly high on the potassium/phosphorus charts either.

At first I made them pancake-style, (but with no baking powder due to the phosphorus), using an egg and water but alas, it just tasted tooooo--eggy, surprise-surprise. 

So then I thought, as I was no longer crazy-hungry, why not try one using just the flour and some rice milk?  

The result was a nice and darned crepe-like product, which I buttered, using organic butter-like veggie-spread and then drizzled in some Stevia'd up red berry juice and, well--it was pretty satisfying.

Sure, it's NOTHING like an eeeeevil crepe one would get on the streets of Paris; all crispy and crunchy and dripping in hot butter, infused with salt and sugared up the ying-yang but for me,  and how I'm now eating to LIVE, (and not the opposite ; ), it served my hankering quite sufficiently, so I wanted to share with anyone else out there in a similar boat.  Or with anyone simply wanting to start eating better/gluten-free.

It'd be great too with an fried egg, a lil sauteed garlic and say just a smiiiiiidge of light cream cheese with chives.

Here are the doses for one small to medium-ish sized crepe:  Can you even call this a "recipe" with only two ingredients?

-1 heaping tablespoon of buckwheat flour
-1/4 cup of rice milk, (I eyeballed, as usual so start with less)

Whisk it together and pour into an oiled, med-hot pan.  I used walnut oil this time, mmmmmmmmm...   ; )

bon ap and good health to you all,

: J


P said...

Didn't taste it but the pic at least makes me salivate!
; )

Juanita Grande said...

I'll make some for us both this weekend, if ya like. For a nice lil afternoon snack...

: J