Thursday, May 7, 2015

The Electric Cherry Acid Test

Hi, All,

Well, today is the day.  The day I had my (amongst many other things), serum uric acid levels checked, which I'm hoping hard will reveal lower than before levels--which have been too high for too long, IMNSHO. 

I'm keener than usual to see these results as for a month and a half now, I have been eating 20-25 whole cherries, (frozen), a day after reading some studies on how cherries/juice can reduce serum uric acid levels, as well as improve the symptoms of gout.

I thankfully do not have any gout symptoms but am more than keen to lower the uric acid due to its connection to future adverse cardiac events.

Mine has been pretty high since starting the early menopause, (chemo-induced), which is apparently, fairly common for us dames when we make the change.

For those of us with kidney damage, we are already in a risky group for heart problems; I have read and heard from more than one doctor that most kidney patients die of congestive heart failure long before reaching the dialysis stage.

All the more reason to do all I can to stay the hell out of that demographic.  

Here is some of that uric acid-cardiac info from Stanford.

Here is a study on the cherry-gout connection.

This is a human study on cherry juice and uric acid levels.

An interesting rat study on hyperuricemic rats' uric acid levels, post cherry juice.

And one more rat study for the road.

I will have my results in one week so all digits crossed that my little plan works like I'm hoping it will.

If it doesn't, I will likely double the cherry intake and have it tested again a month later.

Barring that, perhaps a pure cherry juice infusion at the hospital?

I kid.

With that, I bid you all a fine day.



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