Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Cherry-Acid Developments

Bonjour, Readers,

For those keeping tabs on this, the latest blood tests show a decrease in serum uric acid by a 5mg/L.

While I'll take any reduction, this still means the my levels are a good 15% higher than the max of the norms.

So as I typed I would, I have already increased my daily cherry intake (now to 30/day), and hopefully the next blood test in early June will show even lower levels.

That said, the work will be done in a different lab than this one, (at the H), so there's that lab-to-lab variable.

I'll still be digging any decrease.

In the mean time, P this past weekend found a seemingly great artisan connection to pure cherry juice and I will pass that on to the organic store I frequent.  It'd be great if I could just drink what's needed as, I must confess, I'm a tad cherried-out.

That's it for today,



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