Saturday, October 4, 2014

Smelling like a...

Hello again, Readers,

Today, I offer this:

Armpit odor, it's not hilarious.  At least for the great percentage of us out there who have wet earwax.

Antiperspirant--not hilarious either.  A far cry in fact, when considering its links to Alzheimer's, breast Cancer...

And then there is the carbon-footprint we are all leaving on this planet daily and my ever-growing concern about what I can do as an Earthling to lessen it.

On that subject, some time last year I read an article/blog (can't remember the source now), about how armpit odor can be halted, yes, stopped in its tracks, using ZERO deoderants, antiperspirants, perfumes or anything of the sort--and for a solid 48 hours, no less.


At the time, I was still getting chemo, which had somehow rendered my armpits non-odorous, so I had just shelved this new info for future explorations.

Now that the wee 'pits are once again in normal working order, this past week I decided to test this lil tidbit out, doing just what the article suggested, eagerly anticipating my new naturally scentless armpit experience.

Well, to my utter delight, IT WORKED!  And for two days annnnnd change!  Two days which included working out pretty vigorously too, as well as a demi-nude full back x-ray, one for the lungs as well, a mammogram annnnnd a boob ultrasound, (processes I often get a lil clammy for; still being relatively "new" to this professional patient biz).

I was sure to NOT wash my armpits during those 48 hours too.  When bathing, I just kept my arms down,  wanting to be as strict as possible with the layman's experiment.

This means: no more plastic deo-product trail coming from THIS human, no more clogging of precious pitty pores, no more, "what the hell IS that" moments when reading the ingredient lists of so-called "natural" deoderant labels.  And no more trying new ones that just can't be trusted.

And, it's easy-peezy.

I just did it again this morning and look tres forward to this more eco-friendly armpit lifestyle.

So what's this amazing, mysterious, fantastical thing, you ask?

You quite likely have some sitting around right in your home and if not, it's niiiiice and cheap and easy to find.  The ingredient?  Sodium Bicarbonate.

Yup, good ole baking soda, made into a paste with a tablespoon(ish) of water, smeared on the ole pits and left there for a few minutes, rinsed and--voilaaaahhhhhhh!  Confidently odor-free pits for yes, 48 hours. (And perhaps longer, which I'll likely explore soon.)

So there's my totally off-topic blog post for the day.

Hope it's of use/news to many.  Well, just the stinkies, teeheeee...


: J


Tori Clark said...

well who woulda thunk it eh? Might have to give it a try when I am sure my armpit won't be in someone's face while I shampoo them ;)

Juanita Grande said...


I still can't believe how effective it is.

"Armpit 'n Hammer", heheheh...

; J

P said...

As a French guy who always thinks his wife smells good, I'm completely unqualified in the matter ;)

Juanita Grande said...


: J

Juanita Grande said...

And it seems this post was actually not so off-topic, as evidenced by the following post on kidney function/aluminum processing.

I like when things like that happen.