Thursday, September 18, 2014

Those Euro's and Their Hazelnuts...

And BLESS 'em for their particular passion for the wee rounded things as today, while shopping at our favo organic store in a nearby ville, (I've been rather laid up for some days and SO HAPPY to be out 'n about again!), P and I picked up our first ever jar of hazelnut butter.

(Just roasted, pureed, organic hazelnuts, with no salt or sugar etc. added.)


Simply the aroma of it upon opening was enough to set my mouth a-watering.

Good thing we broke the seal after lunch or the thing would have likely been in grave danger.

Can't wait to get my snack on, (in moderation, of course), with this viscous, liquid, fatty goodness.

For the health nuts and curious, you can check out its nutrition profile here. (One of my favo nutrition sites.)

That is all today, with of course the recommendation to give this stuff a go should you come across it out there.

Nothing like having healthy choices like these around the house when those 4pm cookie monsters start to stir. 

 bon ap et bon vibes,

: J

2 comments: said...

Looks yummy. Curious about the process and viscous look. Did you add liquid of some sort? The fatty is understood.

Juanita Grande said...

The ingredient list is but one item, roasted almonds, so the oil must be of the nuts themselves.



: J