Friday, October 17, 2014

Good Times with Tony and other "Labs"

Allo, All,

So I'm walking back from retrieving my monthly lab results morning, (with my trusty Retriever, of course), and on the way back, I stop to let Tony sniff a small Kleenex Box I recognized, (wee dog of undetermined fluffy breed).   Soon I see the human on the other end of the extendo-leash, a sweet old woman whom I have stopped and talked with before, (again, enroute home from the lab).

It didn't take long for me to realize that she had totally forgotten our prior encounter, (her asking the same curious and caring questions as the first time, (about Tony's Gentle Leader, which I explained I use when I'm feeling less than strong while walking him; he's a very gifted "dipper", able to scoop up anything seemingly edible on the street in a millisecond--which can easily almost dislocate a shoulder socket if one is not ready/fragile not using the Leader), and so again, she inquires as to why I might not be strong at times, (as from the look of me, that's the last thing a person might assume).  So I again told her about some of my medical journey and she in turn, shared much of hers--which I already knew in great detail but I just let her talk as clearly, it was doing her soul much good, a win-win in my books.

After I started getting chilly from the lack of movement in the nippy morning air, I bid her and her little Sadie adieu and went home to hungrily delve fully into my latest lab results and to sum it all up:


GFR, (kidney filtration rate), is holding strong at 38, (stage 3b Kidney Disease, for those wondering), but even so, all electrolytes are in balance, fasting glucose normal, hemoglobin at a respectable 12.6 g/dL and the thyroid numbers, (tested due to the wild new ride that is menopause), are all normal!

But here is the best part: For the first time in--well, since hospitalization, (save for a one-time, post gallbladder attack faux-normal reading), my triglycerides are NORMAL!  And WELL below the max, too!

LDL is within normal ranges, (it too has been high for way too long), and I'm rather proud of my 70 HDL reading, I must say.

Hoping this trend will continue and improve even more as the presnisone levels decrease and my adrenals come more fully back online.

So yes, already a very nice morning, which also included two loads o' laundry AND a trip to the grocery store.

With an honorable mention of how awesome my dear ole Tony is, as while waiting in the lab for my results, he clearly made the days of a few elderly lovlies.   I just adore watching the transformation on the faces of creature-lovers when they see Tony, perfectly calm and cute and ready to be petted by anyone who is keen to do so.

Rather like myself, I reckon, subbing "petties" for smiles.  ;)

And on that note, time to hit the kitchen for some kinda scientific salad experience, with a nice free range egg, I reckon.

Bon weekend vibes to All,

: J


P said...

Feeling relieved from those results, your spirits and your eagerness to "help the aged", sweetheart! Can't wait to get there, LOL ;)

Juanita Grande said...

Heheheh! Youuuuuuuuuu...


: J