Saturday, October 18, 2014

Thanks, Rosie Perez!

G'day, All,

And yes, it's her voice I've been hearing lately each time I whip out the cleaver to chop up some quince to bake.  

"What's a quince?", is the line from her character in a Jeopardy scene from the film "White Men Can't Jump".  I just love her voice and accent.

So yes, I had never tried this magical fruit until a couple of weeks ago when I saw some in the market.  At first I thought they were some kind of giant pear but upon picking one up, I realized not so, as they are hard as wood and sometimes pretty large too.

My friend  who works at the market told me that it's delicious, (only when cooked), so I bought some and got busy.

To say it is good is an understatement.  I liked the wee golden, chewy chunks SO much, that I ate most of them right outta the baking dish--standing up.  ;)

The taste is sort of like a pear/apple/almost cardamom-esque experience, with a nice firm texture too.  Very special.

Here is a pic of a surprise dessert I had waiting for P upon his return from work last week, (drizzled with a lil forest honey for him).

And it's so easy to prepare, just peel and chop some up, toss in olive oil and bake with a bit of water in the pan at 200C for about half an hour.

I added a bit of stevia to mine and mmmmmhmmmm, GOOOOOOD!

What's nice is, it's a tres renal-friendly dessert option with less than 200 mgs of potassium per 100 grams. 

(That's in raw form, as I couldn't find a nutritional content profile on cooked quince.) 

A decent source of vitamin C too.

Defo gonna make this again when I see them. 

So boom, that's all, Folks. 

Time to get back out into this exceptionally warm and sunny Fall day here.

Bon weekend & bon ap,

: J

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