Monday, October 28, 2013

"Give us this Day"

Our daily salt-less, butter-less, whole grain with honey home made bread...

Yes folks at home, we finally got our bread machine, (a Panasonic SD2501), that's just too easy to use and yesterday I made my very first loaf.

Here's a pic P snapped of the lil guy, still warm:
I as usual, tweaked the recipe some and I couldn't be happier with the results; a cloud-like interior and a perfectly chewy and delightful crust.

Here in France, if you want saltless bread or baguette, your only choice is white, real white and as I'm trying to make everything I put in my mouth as healthful as possible, well, that just wasn't cutting it any longer.

I shall now share the recipe for anyone out there interested in making one of these lil darlings.

I call it "Tuscan", as in that area of Italy, one is hard-pressed to find any bread made with salt.  That's thanks to a pope back in the 1500's who slapped a huge tax on salt and instead of paying it, the Tuscans just ran with it and started making all their bread sans-salt. 

Juan's Tuscan Whole Grain Bread

1 tbsp of active yeast
500 grams of whole wheat flour, (this one had some nice seeds in it too)
1 tbsp of Acacia honey, (blended with the luke warm water first)
2 tbsp of EV olive oil
370ml H20

Into the bread machine goes first the yeast, topped with the flour,  followed by all the wet ingredients.  Press ye ole start button and wait.

Gonna have me a nice thick slice with a lil Philly Light and organic scrambled eggs 'n sauteed garlic for lunch, methinks.  Mmmmmmm...

Have a sweet day, All, et bon ap!


: J


P said...

I never thought I could appreciate anything saltless, and I was most pleasantly surprised something THAT GOOD could come out of a machine.

This tends to confirm the theory that anything technical can be done as well, or better, by robots.

I'm much less in awe of French bakers now...

Jude said...

It sounds really yummy!

Juanita Grande said...

Yup, P, I'm tres impressed too and can't wait to do more experimental, high fiber baking in that thing.

And Jude, it sure is yummy.

And it's now lunch time.

That bread better look out!

; J

Teresa Hampton said...

Looks soooooo good I might have to invest in a bread machine. Haven't used one since the kids were smallThanks Juania!

Teresa Hampton said...

sorry Juanita!

Juanita Grande said...

You won't be sorry, Theresa. I'm officially a bread machine fan now.

take care,

: J