Tuesday, October 15, 2013

A "Private" Stoning

Hello again, Readers,

Poppin' in to share with you all that I'm finally outta the tunnel--which I thought I was out of last week but nay, the cat came back, even scratchier and meaner.

And by cat I mean MAJOR flank pain, abdominal aching, loss of appetite and generally just feeling like poo in and out for two weeks.

Twice, (strangely both times on Saturdays), I came close to checking myself back into the hospital and then happily, I'd be on the upswing again the next day.

Yesterday, after sending my Neph a pic I took in the loo.  Yes, a pee pic.  He surmized that likely, I had been going though Renal Colic aka kidney stone(s).  He also said that as I was feeling so much better that I had likely "evacuated" it.

I love medical terms.  "Everybody!!! Get the HELL ouuuuuuuut!!!"

And I certainly AM feeling much more average again.

So delightfully average in fact, (for these days), that this morning, I hoofed it a few good km's to and from a housewares store to buy not one but THREE new cushions for the couch.

I must admit the joints were not happy with me half way home, but I pushed on and it was great to do something normal after being so down for the count since Canada.  (Also due to a mofo sciatica attack that is also finally fini.)

I've been reading up on kidney stones some today and wasn't overly keen to note that once a person has one episode, it's likely to happen again.

And I already follow such a renal-friendly diet too.

Perhaps being on all this high dose calcium and/or the D3 for so long have taken their tolls?

As far as I know, stones don't run the family.

Ahhhhhh, the roller coaster that is this MPA-->CKD bastard...

In any case, I have officially upped my water intake and surely the resumed pooch walks will help.  I missed walking with Ole Yeller, ('cause he's deaf and rather loud at times and yes, yellow too... ; ).

as always, +++vibes 'n take good care o' yer beans,

; J

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