Thursday, October 3, 2013

Tests you can't study for...

Hi, once more, dear Readers,

I know it's been quite a spell since I posted anything but that has been largely due to my being rather offline for the month of September due to traveling to not only the South of France, but more recently, to my precious Canada in the Rocky Mountains.

Here's a snap of the view just a short hike from my folks' doorstep, SUPA-NATCH!

Just before leaving for Canada in mid-Sept. I had an appointment with my Nephrologist who noted my creaky and pained movements, (the app was a late afternoon one, and I was in my usual wean down Prednisone state), and so he ordered for me a bone density scan as Prednisone, (among other possible horrid side effects), can lead to osteoporosis, due to calcium leaching.

This as one could imagine, kinda put a back-of-the-mind wet blanket on the whole trip what with the simmering worry about it and that if I had it, how I'd handle the meds commonly used to treat it--which are NOT kidney-friendly.

So yesterday, I had the scan done and MUCH TO MY UTTER JOY, the results were totally normal!  Sure I may have major joint pains daily but they are so wonderfully NOT from osteoporosis!

HAD to share that with you all here.

Also wanted to share how the two week trip to Canada actually went, for anyone out there in a similar medical boat wanting to travel but at the same time, wary of the stress of it all.

In a nutshell, it all went much better than I had anticipated.  And yes, I wore a mask for the duration of both trans-Atlantic flights which I was extra-glad for doing, as sitting right behind us was a very loud whooping-type cougher who darned near puked after each attack.  And she by the sounds of it all wasn't even covering her sputtering mouth.  Ewwwww....

To make these travels easier and after running it by my doc, I decided not to wean down from Prednisone that month to minimize the pains and fatigue and simply give me more chi to be able to enjoy myself with so many missed friends and family members.

It all went off without a hitch too.  K, with a couple of evenings that were rather hard, which I chalked up to jetlag and simple travel stress and I bounced back the next day each time.

And just BEING with so many nears and dears whom I have missed sooooo much over this past challenging, cloistered year was medicine in and of itself, I'm sure.  Not to mention that fresh, clean and wonderful mountain air.  Here's another shot I took on a different hike out with P in that paradise:

In other news of the dietary variety, due to my Neph trippling my ACE-inhibitors, (as they not only lower blood pressure, but aid in kidney filtration), I will soon find out if this will translate into even more retention of potassium in the ole blood stream.

Hoping HARD that it won't as that would mean my having to, (and just after getting those foods back in rotation), start to further limit high-k sources like: beans, chick peas, nuts, dark leafy greens, etc.

Hoping too that it won't steal even more of my voice on a near daily basis either.  Still not sure about all that as it's not every day and not always the same hoarseness.

To be sure, my Neph has prescribed a trip to an ear/nose/throat specialist, who will hopefully be able to iron that out.  It might just be allergies, though I've never had any and the hoarseness came on when I started taking those BP meds so--we'll seeee...

So voila, a long over due post that will hopefully inspire fellow paranoid MPA-er's and other immuno-suppressed people to travel if they so choose.

Tomorrow I'll have my monthly blood and urine test results back to see just how the upping of BP meds has affected my potassium levels.  And how my waning lymphocytes are doing too.

Now, time for another lie down on my brand new, nice and large heating pad that arrived the very day I returned home from Canada.   Yay.

Have a sweet day, All,

: J


Jude said...

I was so glad to hear the good news, and now we just need to get the rest of it fixed up.

I would agree that a trip home to loved ones would be good medicine in itself. And just LOOK at those photos, God I love this country!! *grin*

Wellness and peace to you Miss J.! <3

Juanita Grande said...

Taaa, Jude!

And yes, every time I'm back there I'm painfully reminded of its serious beauty.

And then there's Vancouver Island...


; J

Teresa Hampton said...

So happy for you to be able to travel and enjoy your family and friends. I just went back home to Oregon for the first time since my illness to see my parents who are now 85 and healthy and happy. So glad I made the trip despite being nervous about flying. It was such a relaxing time and my parents are such an inspiration! Your pics made me think about my beautiful home state. take care! Sending good vibes your way!

Juanita Grande said...

Thanks, much, Theresa. :)

Just comin' out of a rather challenging week here and happy to be shining again, if only a bit with this lovely returned sun.

The bear ate me this past week but back on track now.

: J

Tamara said...

I have not been reading your blog lately due to some really rotten MPA things occurring, but I thought I needed to get back to it. What a refreshing post this was! Your attitude during all of this is an inspiration to me, and to see you out know you are beating this evil me hope I too can kick it's nasty little ass! When I feel the one step forward three steps back like now, I look at your blogs and the steps back seem so tiny they are mere burples in the road. I hope you are well and keep fighting this thing. Love ya rock!

Juanita Grande said...

Thanks so much, Lady T!

Sorry to hear the beast has been wreaking havoc for you so much lately.

Wishing your body some respite from it all soon.

Thanks for poppin' in again, mon amie...


: J