Wednesday, February 22, 2017

New Leaves

Hello again, Readers,

I think it's high time for a bullet list of all the improvements I have noted, especially now that it's been one year exactly, off prednisone.

These improvments could also be the result of--results, referring there to my ANCA test results, which for 3 conseutive blood testings, (since August), have been a mind and body-hugging negative.  (ANCA testing, for those wondering is how docs, along with signs and symptoms, determine the disease activity of MPA.)

So yeah, over this passed year I have been enjoying the hell out of an official return to painting and graphic art, to songwriting and music production and for a month+ now, even a return to out-of-house studio voice-over work, (mornings only).

That's a whole lotta goodness.

I have noted too over this past year, that on the days I take zee painkillers, (the one that works, being a combo of low dose tramadol + paracetamol), the hours I do have are FAR more productive than they were a couple years ago.

Sure, I'm still often asleep by 8pm or earlier, getting more migraines more violently than ever, (the pred was surely masking that condition too) but here is a list of the harsh stuff that for a few years, became the daily grind, that are no longer:

-random 10-scale stabbing, repeating pains virtually anywhere, MANY times per day.  (Enough to cause vocalization and part of the reason for my not returning to studio life sooner.)

-notable but "normal" headaches almost daily

-ice pick headaches

-certain skin problems

-extreme muscle weakness

-muscle cramping

-arthritic-like hand pain

-knee pain and fragility, (I no longer need knee braces while out walking Bone.)

-major power naps in the afternoons

And these days, I am seeing FAR fewer episodes of what I can only call grimness--deep black and viscous.  AKA depression.  And when those clouds do roll in now, they hang around for much less time.  I am certain that prednisone and the deadened adrenals it caused were quite involved in those numerous bouts of BS over the course of the treatment.

Et voila, all in all, those are some tasty improvments.

And on the subject of tasty, since being off pred I have also loosened the leash on the diet and have been enjoying the hell out of chocolate now and then, baguette and pain au chocolate too, (a weakness I sorely missed during those treatment years), as well as other muses of bouche.

I recently learned painfully, that still, I must not eat saturated fats en masse, as after some yummo tempura'd tuna in a resto a few weeks ago, I paid a mighty price in full torso colicy cramping that went on for way too many hours once the food hit the intestines and whoa.

Living and learning.

And on that note, back to my online Stanford lecture, whilst I put some finishing touches on a new Prince portrait I've been birthing.

From me and my new leafy self, wishing you all ++++vibes,

: J


Michael Grande said...

Morning Nita, thx for sharing. Sooooooo good to hear your condition condition continues to trend upward! Must feel good to put it down "on paper" too ;) Looking forward to catching up in person soon, as is the rest of the family. Cheers, mike.

Reona said...

I finally had the chance to sit and read this (kids are all home for the week). So SO happy for you sweet friend! Hoping the migraines eventually lessen and you have more and more days of peace! Love to you ❤❤❤