Friday, March 17, 2017

"Dig If You Will", a Portrait.

Hey, All, (especially the Prince fans),

This morning, after a night of his, "Diamonds  and Pearls" as the sound track for all my crazy dreams, I power- (Generation, haha), watched a few interviews and a posthumous special on the mini musical mage and it made me realise that I hadn't shared the portrait I made of him recently.

(An ornery chest cold has been an extra drain on the chi.)

So here it is, called, "Dig If You Will", in acrylics on canvas board, 30x40cm:
Hearing again about all the pain (both hips pretty totalled and should have been replaced, apparently), he had been in for too many years; trying to control it with opioids, strengthens my staunchness more to endure mine without those highly effective, but as he sadly proved, lethal drugs.

It would be surely grand to be spared this grind by taking tramadol daily and more than just the sliver of a dose that I do, but I know, ("I know, I know, I know"), that the more I can learn to handle this fire in the spine and the aching hips and pinched up nerves etc., (even if it means being horizontal for most of the day),  the more likely I'll get to enjoy this big world longer.

Hopefully longer than Prince did, even.

Too bad he never saw the green light that for so many, is medical cannabis.

I have no doubt that I'm still here at least in part, thanks to it. 

Here's to ALL of Europe sooner than bloody later, FINALLY making it available to the many people out there who really need it.

'Cause if the opioids don't kill all of ya, they'll surely kill your liver.

Another reason why I take only 37.5mgs of tram a day and usually, only 3 days out of the week.

After a few years on that scantily clad drug regime now, all systems are still go and with no dependancy issues either, thankfully.

PRINCE, if you can feel this, THANK YOU, AGAIN and AGAIN and AGAIN.  

And if u can c this painting, I hope you dig it.

Now, time to hit the yoga mat and fortify this core some more.

+++vibes, with extra ones to anyone out there living with just too much damned pain,


PS: For those interested, this piece is available for purchase as a print.  I'm still not sure if the original will be up for sale eventually or not.

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