Tuesday, January 17, 2017

A few months/a few years, potato/potahhtohhh:

Greetings Readers new and old,

It has been the longest blog-break ever methinks and it's due to a few things--some good and some great.

I'll start off while my nose-tip is still frosty, from the long-ish jaunt back from where?  From the recording studio where I worked so often before the big renal shut down!

Yes, folks at home, I am fizzy with delight to be sharing that I am now officially, back in the voice-acting saddle! Since returning to my favo lil production house in town a couple weeks ago, I have already done three spots, with likely another one on la menu for next week.

I'm still only in proper working order in the mornings and it's great that the studio is working with my somewhat limited availablity.

Back in February '13, I had contacted them saying that I would likely be offline for "a few months". Mmmmmhmmmmm, THAT turned out to be FOUR YEARS and whoa.  It's downright gob-smacking to see that written down.

Talk about the long game.

But so worth it and I hope that that gives hope to the folks out there who, due to any long-term illness/treatment/damages, find themselves wondering if they'll EVER feel good and strong enough to work again.

Bless time.

And patience.

And medical science and technology.

And meditation.

And not only have I finally returned to out-of-house studio work, I have also been back full force at the painting, pastelling and graphic arting!  Since August I have produced a number of new works, with more in the hopper as I type.

Here's a lil sample of the latest, I call it, "Young Madge in Bath", (oil pastels + graphic).

ANNNNND: another vault tune I wrote back in 2000 is also ready!  I'm currently working on some visuals for the video and so long as I don't go too deep in those waters, the song should be let outta the barn shortly.  It's a funky lil number and I enjoyed thoroughly getting back on the electric guitar for this one.

In other health news, since that last blog post, I've had a number of actupunture sessions.  That was my first experience with that and while I noted a slight increase in chi on the actual days of the treatments, I honestly didn't feel much improvement overall and so I don't think I will be returning, relaxing as it was with my sweet lil Vietnamese Dr.

Next on the possible-de-paining to-do list is physio, which I will start as soon as I poke around for the best possible practitioner for my spiney shituation.

So voila.  VOILA-ISSIMO, I'd say.

Actually, not quite.  I have something kinda silly to share, something about what I used to think was involved in acupuncture.  I actually used to think, (light term-usage there), that those hair-thin needles were like, half a foot long and that they were inserted into actual organs.

I know: WtfH?!?!?  Granted, this was in my youth but still, talk about bolding and underlining that "you-me-ass-assume" meme.


Now time to get horizontal for a while.

So far, I'm quite diggin' this 2017 thing.

Hope it's the best one yet for us all.


: J

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