Thursday, July 2, 2015

Cherry Juice, 40 Degree Chi...

Hello again, Readers,

This post today is about cherry juice and basically, chi too.

On the cherry front, happy to share with y'all that my serum uric acid levels went from 439 umol/L in March, (started eating whole frozen cherries daily from April to mid-May, if memory serves), down to 405 umol in June!

A significant change, after drinking 100mL of pure natural cherry juice daily, for about 2 weeks.

That's an encouraging 34 point drop and here's to that being just the beginning.  I'll see the levels again soon and double the juice to see what that does.

Been enjoying it again since returning from vacation on Saturday.

Since my last blog post, much has happened.  Lots of it good, as in the above news, plus as noted, a fab vacation with P to Southern Portugal where wow, the affordable cost of living was a welcome change from that of Paris.

I really like how self-reliant in terms of produce and products that country is.  (Not even a pack of Barilla to be found at the supermarket, for eg., only Portuguese brands.)

And WOWISSIMO, that produce!  We enjoyed some rapture-level watermelon while there as well as some notable, (and YES reasonably priced too), white wines.

And I now have quite the crush on the Atlantic.

In Portugal, their cherries were the best I've ever tasted.  BOOM.  Same goes for the massive, almost purple with pleasure strawberries--unreal.  And some fantastic grilled fish too.  Mostly, though it was home-cookin' in our lovely and well stocked apt, located RIGHT. ON. THE BEACH.

And get this: I was even blessed to spot TWO Orca breaching in the calm-watered distance, on the summer solstice, no less.   Talk about soulfood.  Soul feast.

Here is a pic P snapped of me on the beach at the moment of whale-spotting:

It was a beautiful and most enjoyable sun, sand and sea infusion as you can tell, until--until, it most authoritatively wasn't.

On around day 8 or 9 this lil body went decidedly offline after what I'm hoping was just the result of too many days on painkillers + doing too much, (I was in that ocean a LOT, and even when it was pretty wavy).  The tramadol also likely dulled the mounting knee, stomach and GI problems too. 

I ended up a quivering, fevery, migrained, weak and extremely painful mass on the bed--needing help to even walk at some point, for some very scary last days of our holiday.

There was more badness but--TMI already.

By Saturday morning, the day of our return, I was indescribably thankful to be seeing straight again and back on my feet, (and not in Portuguese ER in some far off town).  I was able to creep around and even swim, well--bob around in the magic ocean again for the last moments of our time in paradise.

I say magic, because something pretty wondrous and interesting occurred while spending so much QT in that water and it deserves a blog post of its own, methinks, coming soon.

Good thing I was feeling better as next, came one colossal airport gong-show consisting of security searches, a pretty heated customs shituation making us even later, followed by us having to run through endless unmarked tarmac corridors a la Spinal Tap in 30+ heat, baggage in tow, (P shlepping THREE), finally lumbering down the right stairs and up some more onto the revving plane just in time.  I reached my seat in a gasping heap of renewed shaky weakness, scary-drained, teary and in more major pain.

Then came near five more hours of transit.

Since being back in Paris, (to a massive heat wave on top of things), I am now, after five days of much horizontalality, able to walk around the house almost normally again and with considerably less pain/varieties of pain going on.

And yes, all docs were informed of all of the merditude and I have a new blood-urine check up tomorrow with an app with the Rheumy-Prof soon after that.

I have also been taken off Ramipril, (BP meds), for a few days.  My nephrologist will hopefully adjust to a lower dose as one can only walk around at 100/60ish for so long and mine has been hitting those kinds of lows regularly for about a month now.

SO VOILA!  Talk about checking the hell IN. 

And now here I sit, in the darkened, heat-wave-shielded house, (no A/C, already up to 27C in here), ready to lie down again under blessed cloudy skies and temps to hit "only" 34C today.

Yesterday, it went over 40.

Just wanted to get that inspiring uric acid news out there for those keeping track, as well as give an update to those sweet peas out there keeping an eye on me and this ole bod these daze.



PS: I will make a bevy of changes to my future holiday MO.

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