Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Hydrotherapy, a new application?

Hi, All,

So here it is, the blog post I've been eluding to recently, in all its wondrous, mystical glory:

In a nutshell, while in Portugal after daily swimming in the Atlantic for two days, I noticed something.  Or more accurately, I noticed something no longer there.

It was not pain, but definitely a pain in the arse, which when in full gear, is utterly uncomfortable.  I refer to the ever-dreaded menopausal hot flashes.  (Which once again, for the newer readers, I have--prematurely, due to chemotherapy.)

YES: To my utter delight, after a couple of days worming through those blessed waters, my hot flashes decreased to maybe 2-3 in the whole WEEK!

That's a considerable drop from the usual 10-20 a day and, the ones I did get while there, were more like hugging a cute, warm baby for a few seconds, as opposed to the usual walking into a fire-up sauna variety.

It is just one more reason to move by the sea, I'd say, heheh.

Of course, there could be other factors at play here, like perhaaaps, the hot flashes are, (after only a year?), starting to taper on their own.

Or maaaaybe, it was just the cold temperature of the water?

Then again, it might have been those other-worldly-good, plum-sized and colored strawberries?

I kiiiiid.

EDIT: Looking back on this trip from near a year in the future, I think the lack of hot flashes was in direct relation to the fever I was running.  Ended up being quite ill after this vacation, sometimes not even being up to walking for more than a few meters at-a-time.

In any case, I'll be sure to experiment the next time I'm near the sea or even near a cold source of water like an unheated pool or lake.

I'm not hard-core-science enough to start taking several cold mini-showers/day.

That's it for today.



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