Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Brand new JG voice-over demo reel!

And it's been a lonnnnng time coming, too.

Hola, All,  :)

So as the post title states, I'm sharing a new character-voice demo reel, hot off the JG presses with you all here as, this blog can't be allllll about the hard stuff, right?

I hadn't made a new demo reel in some years, so I thought it was high time.

This coincided beautifully with my being finally up to the task again in body and soul, after a year and a half of struggling.

The writing, performing, recording and editing, plus the graphic and video production work added up to 10+hours of work, methinks (feels!), and though I'm royally bagged, it feels equally regal.   ;)

Aaaaaanywho, heeeeere it is and I hope it serves to lighten the load should anyone need it.

Have a sweet day,

: J


Jim Good said...

Excellent! and fun!

Juanita Grande said...

Merci, Jim! :)

Anonymous said...

Tremendous work! You should be on the cartoon network, Ms. Grande!