Tuesday, May 6, 2014

J's Kidney Happy Salad

Re-Greetings, Readers,  :)

Today I'm re-posting of one of the classic Scientific Salad recipes from last year that unfortunately got turfed recently due to-----an unsuccessful human-computer interface.  Other posts met their untimely demises too I'm sad to say.

So here's what goes into it:

-1 cup of chopped red cabbage
-1/2 cup chopped (raw), Brussels sprouts
-1 apple of choice, peeled & chopped
-2 big cloves of chopped garlic
-1 shallot
-1/2 cup of chopped cauliflower
-1 chopped red pepper
-3 chopped carrots
-fresh grated pepper

The sauce for this one is simple, just shake up some apple cider vinegar, EV olive oil, a SMIDGEN of sea salt (or oyster sauce or even soy) and that's it.  Lemon for even more zing.

This makes enough for a few meal-sized servings or many sides.  

Pair it up with a lean source of protein and Bob's your uncle. 

Think I'll be makin' this one again soon. 
bon ap,

: J


Nina said...

Hi Juanita :* How is it going? The only thing I'm missing from Facebook are your cheerful posts. Hoping you are feeling great. Tons of kisses, An-Nina :* :* :*

Juanita Grande said...

Hello again, Amica! Thanks for stopping by the ole blog too. Hope you are doing super-fine these days, belle...


: J