Sunday, May 29, 2016

Make Your Own Font

G'Day, Readers,

Writing today to share a link to a fab site that transforms one's own handwriting into one's very own font!

This is something I've been wanting to do for many a yonk and now, it's do-able with ease and for free.

I ended up creating only printed fonts, as getting my cursive letters to link up properly was a bit of a challenge, so I aborted.  Plus, I never write in cursive anyway so...

Perhaps the more tenacious ones out there will have better luck/skillz with the actual writing.

Here's the font-makin' link for the keen:

In other news, the latest kidney test results are in and I'll sum it up with the number 35.

Yup, the ole GFR is down to 35 again.  A number not seen since the chemo days/ze.

I recall the outright joy I felt to see it finally get up to that number, as it meant I was no longer in stage 4 of 5 on the renal damage scale.  To see it there again now, (after it being above 40 at one point), is something that I hope HARD will soon trend back up to its former glory.

I have been eating more fish and cheese over this past year and perhaps it's time to lean more on the legumes again?

I will also share that the uric acid is once again, WAY too elevated, (after going down some for a while, though still above max), and that too, is un-nerving.

Reason being, high uric acid levels/gout is linked to early death via adverse cardiac events--even in the healthy-eating/non-boozing/non-smoking groups.

(Click to check out an interview with a doc discussing his studies on gout.)

So of course, I've been back in research-mode again and I have recently come across a *potential* fix, in the form of a different BP med--an ARB called Losarten, which also helps reduce proteinuria, just like the ACE Inhibitor I'm on, (Ramipril).

What makes Losartan worth talking about with the Neph and Rheumy is that apparently, it also helps the body excrete more uric acid.

I will be discussing this and much more with the dear ole Prof next week.

'Til next time, "write on",

; J


StudioSlave said...

I like it a lot... wouldn't attempt to do that myself as I have the most dreadful handwriting, but yours look splendid and quite original in font-form.

Juanita Grande said...

Well thanks, SS. ;)

I'm quite please with my now FOUR personalized fonts.

Makes me wanna create even MORRRRRRRE.