Friday, April 22, 2016

Purple Petals

G'Day, All,

This morning, while out walking T with the huge harmonies of Prince's, "7" floating above the heaviness of his passing, a massive, booming sound faded into my thoughts and brought me back to the walk.

I looked up to see a youngish grandma-type across the street walking with a stroller, brow furrowed slightly into the hazy sun--somehow surrounded by enough decibels to impersonate a distant tornado.

For a spit second, my amused brain bought that it was she and her wee stroller making the thunderous rumble, her scrunched-up brow now looking more like a seasoned Walmart warrior's behind a loaded cart.

I actually laughed out loud, when from behind the hedge she was flanking, emerged a building super, pushing a large, empty plastic trash bin.

Still grinning, I thought, perhaps Prince woulda dug that too...

I took notice of so many purple flowers today.

 Rest in peace and play, Prince and thanks for every perfect note.

+++vibes to all left longing,


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