Wednesday, March 9, 2016

"A Sunny Day"

Good Morning,

This post is to share yet another new music production with vous:

I'm still regularly blown away with the mojo-massage that is just being up to the task of serious sessions again.  Even mentally, I am seeing that all is well in the attic as I created this new song while learning (some of) the ropes of a new (to me ; ), professional music production software.

Since letting this new track outta the corral, some lovely people have been asking if I've been feeling better--a natural assumption when taking in the energy of this last one.

The short answer is for now, no.

But at the same time, I'd say there is some tres coule bio-chemistry going on.

I did the bulk of the recording for A Sunny Day last month, after most of the adjusting to 1mg of prednisone was over--and of course, usually in the mornings.

Then came the final taper to zero.

*dead air*

I must say, it got pretty bummed here for a while and I'm am still finding 0mgs a monumental challenge.  Challenge being, more pain in even more places than I've become accustomed to.  Creaky, puffed-up pain that's way more on than off.  Like my spine is too big for its column.  My brain too big for my skull.

I wish I could just take tramadol every day but for various reasons that's not an option.  One being it's been causing more of an allergic reaction than usual lately--making me Itchy McScratchy well into the night.  This of course messes with the precious z's even more than the traveling hot-flash gong show and actual pissing contest I've been in nightly since the renal failure. 

(If anyone sees my deep sleep out there, send it back home please.)

So with great thanks again to P, the mixing phase of A Sunny Day was done all in short sessions over these last few weekends, with his hands on the virtual mixing board and me flat on the floor (safer from gravity), where I voiced my (seemingly? ; ), endless tweak requests as producer.

I wrote this wee love-jam back in '02, before P and had even met and it's tres close to my heart. ("Kokoro", in the lyrics, means "heart" in Japanese.)  To set it free after over a decade in the vaults is some serious medicine.

A strange kind of convalescence-medicine, as I had to be recovered to a certain point before I was even able to make/receive it.

Needs me s'more!

Hope it taps your toes.



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