Thursday, February 25, 2016

Well, that was---

Just about as crappy as I thought it would be!

Hello again, Readers,

I was hoping that (against all precedent), this last wean to zero mgs of pred would somehow be a non-issue, but naaay, it was pretty tough, especially on the ole noggin due to even more migraines than before.
I lost a bit of weight, as is the tapering tradition and basically just head/heart-butted my way through the blackish blues that for me at least, have been a huge part of tapering from 10 mgs down.

But as of the last couple of days, I am smiling again and for that I am so grateful.

I am also not dealing with constant headaches, interrupted by migraines, which alone is a reason to smile madly like the Joker.

What has also helped me immensely during this final phase of weaning has been my recent return to music production and the other day, I shared a new track, which I share here too as it's yet another testament to blessed recovery.

This one is a ballad, written some years ago with Bob Boisadan, the other half of our duo "Dragon & Rosebud".

I recently began working on yet another snappy vault tune of mine, pretty wild-horsey-ish and I'm looking TRES forward to letting it outta the corral.

Now, as the day is a perfect blue and sunny one, I shall head out into it for a long and FINALLY re-energized walk in the park with my Tone-Bone here.

With +++vibes and a smile again,


PS:  THIS goodness:
Yahoo for me and Grampa-T, as we haven't hoofed it the long way 'round my favo park in--I think probably close to a year due to the place under major and wildly loud construction.

And on a helluva a perfect crisp wintery French day, too.  

Sometimes I quite like this country.

Cherry: I got home and tested the BP, (which I admit to not doing for quite a while for some reason), and it was a delightful 117/69@60bpm.

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