Thursday, October 29, 2015

Halloween Apples

Ghostly Greetings,

I've been wanting to post about this since I discovered it over a month ago, but due to a three week+ dance with the mofo that is renal colic again, (kidney stone pain), I've been holding off.

Even though I've been mostly down for the count lately, I've actually managed to paint a few pieces and write and record a new song, plus a cover of an 80's Brit hit for a certain DJ friend o' mine too, so ole RC hasn't gotten the best of me.  Granted, those feats were all done with tramadol-assist or between the clockwork colic tides, but I'm pretty happy with the creating recently.

So here's what I wanted to share: the daily 100mLs of pure cherry juice is no longer keeping the uric acid down and my levels are now unfortunately, higher than they they have ever been.

I have no idea what could be the reason for this but there are many possibilities, starting with the fact that my cherry juice source is artisan so, perhaps, batches vary(?).

One thing for certain is that the change was not in relation to my recent Canadian travels, as the the levels went up before the trip.

The fact that I have been dealing with kidney stones again may be in relation to the uric acid increase--IF the stones are that type.  (I've not obtained a sample to have tested.)

That said, I must note that the first time I experienced renal colic was also following a trip to Canada and I can't help but wonder if that huge disruption of Circadian rhythms isn't a colic-factor.

HOPE NOT and I guess I'll find out if it happens three times in-a-row.

All I know for certain is, I am no longer writhing in torrents of unbelievable crushing pain and YAAAAHOOOOOOOOOOOO!

It's one helluva show, that renal colic.  From constant, full torso (back included), grinding that smolders on for hours on end, to the wild stabbing, actually-feeling-it-scraping-its-way-through your-innards shrieking kinda pain that rendered me fetal and grunting through clenched teeth.

But, like I also noted, in between the rounds of colic/while tramadol'd, I have also gotten back into "Aquarelle", (colored pencil crayons, that are then painted with a wetted brush, turning a sketch into a painting, basically).

Much more fun and less messy than actual water colors, in my opinion.

I decided to paint some rather conventional things for the first time ever, like flowers in a vase, a running horse (for P), and this here little French apple, just in time for Halloween, it was delish.

So, not only am I obviously beyond pleased be finally coming outta this colic meat grinder, I got to spend some pain-free time yesterday with a beautiful old friend who is in France right now for her honeymoon (full mooned, too and bravo, guys).

I met this sweet lass when she was but eight years old and as much as I may bitch about fb, I am high-fiving it for being the bridge that reconnected us.

MUCH laughter and many smiles were had with her and her new Hub. 

She has become a doctor and how poetic--what with me being somewhat of a professional patient now.

So voila, I'll write again on this uric acid biz after my next blood tests, which I hope hard will show a decrease in those levels.

Happy Halloween weekend, y'all!



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