Wednesday, March 4, 2015

TumerEGGano Pasta

G'Day, All,

Sharing the latest fad in lunching over here.

It was created in a pretty nerdy way, basing the dish itself on two spices that I've been reading about lately and how good they are for our health, oregano and turmeric.

This coincided with a huge pasta-craving, so I boiled some whole wheat Farfalle.

I've also, (for the first time in my life and wow), been having to eat more calories lately, which is darned agreeable, I must say.

About half an hour before hand, I mashed up one clove of garlic.  Something usually I do way before lunch nowadays, but it was a busy morning--and one that included a sizable blood draw so yeah, I was pretty peckish.  ;)

While the pasta boiled, I fried in a bit of EVOO, one whole egg plus a white and then set it aside, covered.

Drained the pasta and added the fried egg up side down and combined with: (rough estimates)

1 tsp+ oregano
1 tsp+ turmeric
1 tsp + minced dried onion
1 tbsp ACV
2 tbsp EVOO
1 tbs of organic flax seed oil
the smashed clove of garlic
black pepper
2.5 tbsp of grated grana padano, (or parm)

That was real hard to take that pic, (hiiiii, Tony), the ole mouth just grabbing at that bowl, but I did it--'cause I believe in this pasta.  ;)

Because this is made with my daily sodium allotment considered, healthy people will probably wanna add either some salt or more cheese. ***Renal dieters: depending on your serum levels, note to sub white pasta and use less parm.***

Every time I eat this dish I'm surprised by how well the turmeric complements the rest of the more Italian ingredients.

Looks perdy too.

It's screaming for some kinda green garnish.

So boom, an easy and healthy lunch idea for those days when minimal #%#*around-ery is wanted.  (With a side of veggies, or a salad, of courrrrse. ; )

Bon ap et +++vibes,


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