Thursday, July 3, 2014

Healthy & Simple Crepe Recipe

Hello again, All,

And even moreso, to the healthy eaters/fellow CKD patient crowd today, as I just finished shmangin' down a very satisfying lunch and wanted to share.  I've been rather into crepes lately but just as into finding ways to make them as healthy and CKD-friendly as possible.

Today's kitchenings yielded this, (click to enlarge):

The crepe/flatbread (as it's a tad thicker than an actual crepe), itself scores high due to various pluses like:

-minimal prep time
-no cholesterol, (for those of us keeping a lid on that)
-low-sodium (good for the heart-healthy crowd as well)
-low potassium

So for many of us, kidney patients in particular, these are all very good things.

Here's the recipe:

1 cup of flour, (I used multi-grain this time, which I added some quick oats to as well, but I have had success using buckwheat, of course white and semi-complet, (60% whole wheat in English, I think), also.

1 cup of water, (plus a few table spoons to add once blended to make it as runny and thusly crepey-thin as you like).

1 egg white, I was tres curious to see how it would turn out sans-yoke and it's nice to know I'll never need yokes in crepes again.

Whisk away and pour onto a hot, lightly oiled, big and flat pan, being sure to tip it in all directions to get the batter to spread out as much as possible.  (I used a few drops of organic light sesame oil this time.)

Serves 2.

I filled mine today with said garlicy free range scrambled eggs, (one whole, one white), some slightly steamed arugula, (to both shrink it and take a bit of the personality out), a modest spreading of light "Philly" type cheese, (called "St Moret", here in France).  Plus a few drops of lemon juice with fresh ground pepper and I admit it, probably 20 small grains of sea salt.  Like 1/4 of a normal pinch, I'd say.

As you can see, the crepe browned and puffed up almost Nan-like and it was so good I just went at it like a big ole taco.

Gonna add the garlic to the batter next time and experiment with herbs and spices too.

Will work of course as a meal or fruited-up good in a dessert.  Or with chocolate sauce.  Or...  ;)

Bon ap et +++vibes,

: J

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