Tuesday, February 26, 2013

A Song for my Mother

So after re-reading and reflecting on yesterday's most cathartic blog post, I realized that the song I mentioned writing, about the pangs of living so very far away from the ones you love most has been literally, sitting on the virtual shelf since 2011. 

That ain't right and today I corrected that by:

a) registering it at my songwriter's copyright association here in France and

b) by making a video for it using stills I've taken during my vacation times in the magnificent Rocky mountains where my beloved family lives now--plus a few shots  mixed in from here and there from  Canada's East as well as a bloomin' cactus from the little desert town I was born in called, Drumheller.

As the blog title states, this song was written in honor of my dear maman, Doreen and she may not even remember it, it's been so long since she first heard it--so here's to her hearing it now and hopefully, finding it as sweet as I do 'cause it's right from the heart.

The song is called, "Bide My Time", lyrics by moi, composition by the ever-talented Bob Boisadan, performed together as our duo, "Dragon & Rosebud" some years ago.

bon vibes,

: J  (aka "Rosebud", and sometimes depending on la mood, "Dragon" too)


P said...


Hadn't heard that in a while... perfect for this occasion.


Jude said...

Ahhhh an Alberta girl too? Beautifully done song, and I love the photos. Have an awesome day Miss J.!