Saturday, August 27, 2016

14 X-rays Later...

Good Morning, All,

I'm up kinda early due to crashing early and hard, thanks to a chill pill, AC and a good dose of radiation yesterday.

14.  Not a number I like, x-ray-wise but at least something is now finally being done about this daily spine pain.

In France, when you have scans done, there is always an attendening physician who will review the results with you and give you a report and mine--isn't the greatest.

Disc degeneration in many areas, in a nut shell.   The word spondilytis, (basically arthritis of the spine, which often wreaks havoc in the internal organs, especially the intestinal area, and other joints as well,) was used too.  As was the term "minigeodes", which are, as I understand it, basically cysts.  Those were in the right hip area if I got that right.

And all this was preceded by my learning of yet  a new low in the kidney filtration rate, now down to 31.  (Last testing was 35.)

At one point over this long treatment course, it got up to 41.

The CRP (measurement of inflammation), is up from its usual level again and the lymphocytes are down.  Neither a good thing.

I will be seeing the new bone rheumy who prescribed these many blood tests and xrays on Sept. 19 and right now I'm just hugging the goodness of the many negatives in those recent results.  No Celiac's, no recent heart attack, thyroid normal, no Lupus, no Diabetes, no Sjrogen's...

Soon, another ANCA test, (the test that measures the MPA activity) and in a couple weeks, an app with the nephrologist as well.

No art or music to share with vous on this post, just this step towards a possible diagnosis for the daily dose of draining pain and with it, soon I hope, some very specific physio to lessen it all.

I will share this here photo, which is another cool treatment done with an ap called "Prisma", I've been quite enjoying it lately.

And coming soon, a new tune!  This one is a redo of another vault song of mine from 2000 which, IMNSHO, turned out pretty alright and is now waiting on Master P for the final mix.

I'm also in the midst of another redo these days, a painting.  Now that I have acrylics again, I'm doing, "Dream Squatting",  once more, to make it finally shine like it did in the dream it came from.

As soon as this French-fried heat wave is over, I'll be able to resume work on that too.

Now, time to feed this hungry hippo here who is most politely and repeatedly directing my attention to the fooooooood room, heheh...

Sweet ole Tony is doing great these days and that's a beautiful thing.

Time for some weekend QT with P to start, which will include a trip to the organic store for treats and non-meat sourced protein in hopes of increasing that GFR.

For the last year I've been eating more fish more often, as well as chicken periodically (when necessary), and while it's likely helped me regain some lost muscle from the prednisone years, perhaps it has something to do with the kidneys waning.

More to discuss with the Neph...

J out, avec +++vibes

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