Thursday, January 28, 2016

It DID Take It's Time!

Yes dear Friends, Fam, Kindred Souls & Warriors too,

Even though I'm boob-deep in the final, (fine hell), prednisone wean, complete with the usual body-pain, weakness and deeper fatigue, daily headaches, irritability and blaaaaablablaaaaaa, (BUT WAY LESS THAN LAST WEAN and woot!), amidst it ALL, I have made----------a brand new music video!

First time in YEARS.

It's taken me quite a few mornings, as those are still when I'm all there, but some mornings have gone into afternoons some of those into an evening or two, (not that any good came of it, whoa... ; ),  and I'm just--pretty speechless actually.

And smiling very widely--or grimacing, depending on the hour.

I wrote this song back in '02 after moving to Paris, one of the first love songs I wrote in P's and my honor and it's called, "We Take Our Time".

A couple of years later, P and I did a remake.

A few years after that, Bob, pianist, composer and other half of our duo Dragon & Rosebud, heard the remake and wanted the vocal track so he could do his own instrumental for it.

Him and his funky left hand.

I recently heard the song again and thought, this thing needs harmonies--and a video.  So I threw in about 20 vocal tracks and made a video.

It's a rough 'n tumble sonic rumble, but a groovin' and frozen in time thing.

Shout-out to all the peeps, whose wares were spice in the video stew.

All this, coupled with the multiple paintings and other songs I've been writing and working on lately and I dare say, I DARRRRRE----------I AM FINALLY GETTING BETTER!

I didn't say it until now because frankly, it would have been lying.

That said, just four months ago I wouldn't have dreamed of being capable of so much again.

So, since this snappy little number and video are basically, a celebration of some precious chi regained, I share it here as well--if only to highlight how incredibly important the long game is for anyone else out there feeling stuck in the poorly lit tunnel of chronic illness.

Hope the tune gets some toes a-tappin'.




Nina said...

It takes time and passion to do something good. Always great, Juanita. I'm listening and smiling all along :)

Juanita Grande said...

Cheers, Nina, :)

Hoping all is well in your world these days.


: J