Thursday, December 10, 2015

Some Handy, Healing Hacks

Hello again, Good Readers,

This here is yet another post I've been wanting to write for a while, regarding some tres useful "life hacks", good not only for  people living with CKD or chronic illness, but for all folk, so here goes.

1. Keep a spray bottle of white vinegar in the kitchen.  It's great not only for Green veg, fruit and surface cleaning, but it's a formidable first aid for minor burns.  I have used it countless times after say, accidentally connecting my forearm to the upper element of a hot oven or (perhaaaaaps ; ), micro-managing failing flames in the fireplace.

Hitting a minor burn asap with white vinegar and keeping it there, (sprayed onto a tissue) for 10-20 minutes, can mean the difference between a painful, blistered burn and NOT HAVING ONE AT ALL.  In my experience.
High-fives again to ole JD who introduced me to this years ago.

2. Using antiseptic spray or hand sanitizer in place of deoderant.  I haven't used antiperspirant since being diagnosed with kidney damage and only wish I'd passed on it for all those years preceding.
Not only is it efficient at killing the bacteria which feed on the proteins produced when people with yellow, wet earwax perspire, (it is the waste products of the bacteria that actually smells), but it works for a good 24 hours too, in my experience.

3. This one's for dog owners, and specifically, the ones who own the floppy-eared types prone to ear infections.

Again, it's a vinegar hack.  Mix 2 to 1 white vinegar and water, soak a tissue with it and massage into the ears weekly to keep those gross yeasty beasties at bay.

This works even on our Tony here, who has been on prednisone for most of his life.

Et voilahhhh.

A lil Happy Holiday gift from me to vous.

Wishing you all a heart-warmed, safe and memorable one this year.



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