Friday, April 3, 2015

Multiple Woots

Hello again,  :)

I'm glad I always carry tissues.

I couldn't help but get to leaking upon reading this last batch of regularly scheduled blood test results this morning, just outside the lab, avec-Lab.

These ones were for the usual kidney, CBC, 'lytes, etc. and all ((except for the beans)), are NORMAL.  Some barely so, but still, normal.  WOOOT! #1

Even though the kidney tests are all of course, far from normal, I gotta share that the GFR, (beans' filtration rate), is now up to a magnificent 42!  I do believe that is the highest it has ever been.   BEAN!  ;)  WOOOOOT! #2

And here's what poked me in the tear-ducts:

The ANCA (the type of antibodies related to the disease), titer, (meaning a dilution), is but ONE AWAY FROM BEING NEGATIVE!!!  WOOOOOOT! #3

When titers come out positive, (even on the cusp like mine is), they test further, to see what types of proteins the sample's comprised of.  In my case (P-ANCA), they test for MP0, (myeloperoxidase) and PR3 (proteinase 3) levels.

'Nuff medi-jargon, already.

What I really want to share with vous, is that my levels are negative and so damned low, they're practically ZERO!  

'K, one of 'em, but still--I believe that's theeeee lowest they have EVER been and there's yet another WOOOOOT!

Above is a snap of them, in all their marvelous mini-glory. (Norms on the right.)

Another recent sweet step: yesterday, for the first time in over two years, I actually walked our dog a good 3+km's, after FIVE PM!  And with NO painkillers involved.

I am most greedily savoring some deeeelicious progress pie ova he'eee.

Sure, I still lose mass-chi in the afternoons and the daily thoracic pain is ongoing and I creak around like a lil granny in the evenings--and sure, I'm often zonked out by 8pm but dammit, Jims, things are really, notably changing.

Just in time with the Spring.

It's a slow and narrow, pot-holed road, this #%*^+$~ MPA, but after a while, it becomes paved in more and more places and I'm looking forward to burning some serious rubber, (in the morning, likely ; ), on ever lengthening strips of blacktop.

Like a lil red Barchetta.

Though, I'd prefer a horse, actually.


: J


P said...

WOOT indeed!
This weekend couldn't possibly start better. :))

Jackie sullivan said...

So very happy for you Juanita x

Juanita Grande said...

Thanks much, P, Jackie!