Saturday, January 17, 2015

It Pays Off

Greetings once more, Readers,  

Writing today to share a lil progress and with it, smiles.

It comes in the form of some blood test results I recently got back that for the first time in a lonnnnng time, are all normal or nice and close to it!

Since this heavy treatment commenced in January 2013, my cholesterol readings have been far from stellar but little by little, day by healthy-eating day, along with taking less and less prednisone, I have managed bring those levels down (the triglycerides in particular--which got up to twice the norm at some point), and they are all now ,(mostly) below the maximums and I'm just pleased as punch.

(The GFR, btw, is still holding at 37.)

Here's a pic of the cholesterol goodness:

Even though it's in French, the gist for fellow blood test readers is pretty darned swell. 

<--("inf a", = French for "less than".)

And moreso for a person at stage 3b CKD who is not on Statins--if I do type so myself.  ;)

Avoiding the addition of that particular med to my already full enough pill-plate will always be a goal and results like these only spur me on to continue controlling closely, all sources of saturated fats, (be them animal or plant-based), and cholesterol.

It also further fuels my daily inclusion of foods like ground flax seeds in my morning oat-berry mueslix and my defaulting to EVOO for all cooking, as well as my renewed romance with nuts and seeds of all kinds, (in moderation, of course).

Today, I will celebrate this progress with my dear P with a lunch date at one of our favo Italian restos.  I haven't been to a restaurant since my birthday in July '14, so this is gonna be a big deal for me.

(And they most pleasantly cook salt-free if asked, too.) 

I shall be taking a pain killer to fully enjoy it all, which hopefully includes a crispy wintery stroll apres.

So voilahhhh, hoping this serves as encouragement for anyone else with CKD wanting like hell to avoid needing to go on even more medications, especially statins.

take good care of your good selves out there,

: J


P said...

Is she as smart & wise as her picture and posts tend to suggest?

Yes, she is!

Bravo chérie <3

Michael Grande said...

Sounds like good progress Nita, a lot of stick-to-itive-ness... Enjoy the lunch out ;) Sounds sensational! Lots of luv from KB, Coop and I.

päivi said...

You always sound so positive! And I mean truly positive, not the "I hate my life but try to stay positive" -kinda positive! A nice read, makes me want to have my cholesterol levels checked ;)

Juanita Grande said...

P, P, P, P, P, P! Thanks again for the sweet lunch date today... :x

Brother, thanks much to you all there. Makes me happy to know you're reading this thang.

And Paivi, as usual, always glad to read you and I hope you're feeling alright these days. And yes, why not do a lil dip stick in the ole engine?

: J