Wednesday, November 26, 2014

I'm OUT!

Heheh, no, not thaaat type of "out", (and yay to all who make that step), but I mean out of this latest prednisone weaning hole!  (From 4 to 3 mg's this time.)

It accounts for my lack of posting this past while and as much as I know it and try to reason my way out of it each time I go down, this process of tapering, measly milligram by milligram is not only hard on the body, it's just plain soul-sucking. 

But for the last few blessed days, I have been smiling again, even laughing and squeaking out crazy voices again, (as is the tradition, most often in the mornings only), and the usual spring in my spiritual step has been restored, so I haaaad to blog about it.

Just in time too as next week, I'm back at the hospital for the last infusion of Rituximab, (of the 18 month trial I'm in), so I'll be in good shape for that IV-process, which is always a major plus.



<--Me, (with my new Chihuahua friend, Roxy), taken just before this last taper.

And I must note well that this last wean went MUCH better than the preceding one and I'm seemingly over the worst of it in less time than the last and that's really sayin' suMm.  

Looking VERY forward to the next couple of months, as I plan to NOT wean again until the new year.

To go at that prickly process consecutively, (as previously and most foolhardily planned), is just plan nonsense and I will have no part of it, thankmeverymucho. 

So with good vibes and restored mojo, I bid you all a smooth day,

Smilin' J once more

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