Tuesday, March 4, 2014

By George, I Think I Ate It!

Yesssss, a beautiful, inviting and seemingly harmless bowl of home made roasted cabbage/garlic soup I whipped up last week, might have been the cause of some extreeeeeme stomach pain a day or two later.

For those wanting to try it, just roast up slices of olive-oiled cabbage, add some raw garlic, pepper, (+ your spices of choice), and blender it all up with a little water.

It really was good--that first innocent little bowl, before I added what I thought was paprika.

"Cayenne", I bet some of you are thinking and that would have been so much easier but naaaaay, this stuff is much higher on the ole Scoville chart than that.

It was the mighty and respected the world over, "Piri Piri" pepper powder, at an impressive 175,000 Scoville Heat Units.
To compare, cayenne is at around 60,000.

<<-You can see here by the generously sized holes, how fast the Piri powder flowed from the container and I must have shaken damned near a tablespoon into that two-bowl sized pot of unsuspecting soup.

I was indeed wet with perspiration after eating that and I really don't know how the hell I managed it.

Granted, it was early evening when my faculties are less than stellar, (as illustrated by the grabbing of the wrong orange powder on the ole spice rack), and I was as usual, hungry like the wolf.  And the lights were low.  And...  ; )

I have already moved the Piri Piri to the lower, way less visible part of the spice rack.  ;)

So that's it; my little theory of how I ended up with some kinda gallbladder/stomach nightmare for 5 days straight.

I'll of course know more on the 10th after the stomach ultrasound is done but had to post this possible cause now.

Eat safe, everyone!

; J

UPDATE:  After a week of torturous upper belly pains, I saw my doc and had an ultrasound done to rule out any gallbladder issues/stones, only to find the organ normal and that most likely, most certainly, the cause of all that extra pain, ('cause I don't get enough), was indeed------ME.


Living and learning the hard way.

; J


Nina said...

Please, Juanita, don't play with spices. They deserve reverence and respect. They can be dangerous if you understimate them or... if you made a pact with them and then broke it... :p ;)

Juanita Grande said...

Thanks, Bella.

I promise, I have learned my painful lesson! <--Funny how often I mistype lesion for that word. Fitting this time...

; J