Friday, December 20, 2013

What IS IT About a Fire?

In the hearth, that is...  ; )

Hello again, All,

I'm sitting beside a toasty one as I type this and if there's anything that is actually a pacifier, it's for me at least, a fire.

Sitting in front of it, tending it, breathing life into it if it wanes, poking at it, standing to warm my butt and then rotating la ham to feel deeply that glorious heat, ('cause with kidney disease, comes the constant chills); it's truly one of my favorite things about winter and so I wanted to blog about its power.

No music on, save for the gentle snores of ole Tony in his basket and the gurglings of the radiators, the water tinkling its way through the pipes--it all makes for one serious shot of good mojo.  REAL GOOD.

I like to watch the thoughts just kinda float by, over the flames and coals, through that lovely scent of smokey wood. 

Gets me a little nostalgic at times too, recalling days gone by and the many sweet memories I have of so many wonderful souls who have touched my life over the years.

Some have shed their mortal coils and I miss them so still but many, are still making every day count on this belle blue and green ball and it's to all of you that I raise my wee glass of chablis.

Yes, I'm having a wee glass of chablis as dammit, I made one deeeelicious lunch yet again and sometimes, a dish just YELLS for an accompanying, proper glass.  FTR, the lunch was kamut fettuccine, chick peas, onions and garlic all sauteed up with olive oil and topped with a lil parmesan for the win.  Food of the gods and when yer a starvin' marvin--of their gods too.  ;)

So voila, after a pretty productive morning here of dog-walking, errands, housely duties and cooking, I am now parked in full-on Indian Chief-mode with my darling fire, where I shall remain until the daily fatigue takes me down again without my own opinion, to that heavy land of deeeeeep Z's.

So stay warm all, (or cool, depending on your hemisphere), and here's to us all taking some time out in silence and peace as this, (for me anywho), helluva a year draws to its end...

++++vibes and bonne holiday wishes to you All,

: J


Jude said...

Sounds lovely! I love a fire, so mesmerizing. :)

P said...

Reading this warms my heart dear, almost as much as being in front of the flames with you! :)

Juanita Grande said...

And it should still be all coaly and good by the time you get home, P...

Bon weekend, Jude...

: J