Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Out 'n About!

And it had been one lonnnnnng time since.

G'Day, Readers,  

If the practice of blogging has taught me anything, it's simply to record the good things.  Immortalize them and celebrate them even.  That may sound corny to some, but after long periods of dealing with daily pain that rather lays one out, the everyday things I did yesterday were most certainly not taken for granted.

So today, I'm going to share with you all the first blog-note-to-self made yesterday, which was: enjoying theeee hell out of lunch OUT together with P at an Italian joint we once frequented and for my birthday, too!

They were extremely accommodating there and I had my whole meal prepared without salt. 

And I loved it.

Man, have ye ollllle taste buds changed.

Here's a pic P snapped of the mmm-ing of my succulent swordfish in a creamy sauce with fettuccine.

Granted, I added about a tablespoon of fresh parmesan but still, it was to me, an immense and strangely bittersweet pleasure, the whole affair. 

We shared a half bottle of very ripe and velvety and fabulous Calabrian vino with the meal as well.

And the decaf espresso after was truly superb.   ;)

Even had a bite of P's Tiramisu.

I still can't believe it had been more than TWO YEARS since we'd been to that place.

Two. Years. 

A lot has indeed happened in that time frame.

I am so glad to be out there in the world, enjoying it again, lil by lil.

That said, the prednisone weaning from the present 5 to a greatly anticipated 0 mgs is about to recommence on August 1st, so I'd BETTER be writing down the good things to review well later when that oh-too familiar pain sets in for weeks following each taper.)  BUT that's OK, 'cause I have Tramadol now and more mojo than ever so I am ready.   ;)

I'll only be tapering by one mg per month, (to avoid possible adrenal crisis or another MPA flare).  If all goes well, I'll be off that stuff, fiiiiiiiiinally, by the start of 2015. 

Or a bit later--if tapering requires dropping only .5mgs/mo, which is commonly done for those last few gnarly mgs.  All digits crossed for a smooth landing back into fully functioning adrenal gland land. 

Now, back to my lovely birthday with P, 'cause there's more:

We even took the subway to get to the resto.  That was my first time in the train system again in--yup, more than two years.

And after cabbing it home, we shared some wonderful watermelon--which is very kidney-friendly, by the way.

Helluva day of firsts, I'd say and yes, it was a Tramadol-day.

(The more feedback I get from those who have used it long term, the less concerned I am about potential problems at my very low dose, coupled with taking days off regularly.)

So, that's all, folks.  Plenty, I'd say, and with many a smiley shout-out to all the friends and fam who sent in sweet birthday messages, mmmwwahhhhhh!


: J


Fullmoondolphin said...

I'm so glad you had such a wonderful day - may the wonderful days multiply and outshine the bad ones. I am crossing my fingers that the weaning goes as well as possible. It will be so wonderful for you to have all of that behind you. Much love and healing to you. *muah*

Juanita Grande said...

Thanks much, dear Friend, thanks.

Mmmmwahhhh's 'n hugs,

: J

Jude said...

Exactly what my sis said! I am loving that you got to enjoy such a yummy and pleasant birthday, and I'm crossing all of my fingers and toes for a stress free weaning too.

Much love to you Miss J. xoxox

Juanita Grande said...

You guys are the best. Hoping too for this last leg to be less limpy.

((((hugs 'n the very best o' vibes))),

: J